Squirting Orgasms Mastery

In this article we interview a friend about her squirting experiences.

Obviously we picked a girl who we already knew squirted but were interested to find out more and hopefully give you guys some more real life details and insight into what a woman thinks about it all, and how her squirting journey came about.

Hey, welcome and thank you so much for being here for the interview.

Here at School Of Squirt we really appreciate your time and being able to talk openly with us. It’s useful for us to get a different perspective on the whole squirting phenomenon from someone who has experienced it first hand, sorry about the pun.

So when did you first squirt, how did it happen and what lead up to it?

The first time I squirted was about two years ago. I had been with my ‘then boyfriend’ for about 2 months. He had hinted at trying to make me squirt before but I was quite apprehensive about it so I didn’t really want him to try.

I think that as I began to trust him more as the relationship evolved I became more open to the idea. The first time her tried to make me squirt I must have been too tense or something, but anyway, it didn’t happen.

We tried it again a few days later and, well yep I squirted.

Was it really enjoyable?

It was definitely something different to the normal orgasms I have, but yes I would definitely say that it was enjoyable and we have done it more times since then.

Was it easier to squirt after your first time?

I think that I got better at it with practice, mainly because I felt more relaxed and less likely that I was going to pee myself. I also knew that it was quite easy for me to squirt when I was in the right frame of mind , so I didn’t put too much pressure on myself to squirt.

If you are trying to hard to squirt then it can stop it from happening I think.

Are you becoming a better squirter?

I wouldn’t say that I am a pro or anything but I have more control over my body and orgasms as a result of squirting with my boyfriend.

I wouldn’t say that I can squirt more liquid than before but I would say that over the period with my boyfriend when I squirted it was more pleasurable. You can’t do it every night though unless you want to be changing the bed sheets regularly lol.

Have you ever tried stacked squirting orgasms?

Ummm, no, that sounds quite weird haha, what is that?

Ok well stacking orgasms is where the guy would take you to the edge of climaxing and then pull back by reducing the intensity and then go back up to the peak without going over it.

He can do this many times without you squirting or orgamsing, but when you finally do cum it can be much more powerful.

Ohhh wow, haha, no I ‘ve never tried that with a partner on purpose, or he wasn’t doing it on purpose as far as I know but I would say that something similar has happened to me before, where I almost climaxed but then didn’t but I did later and it was more powerful than normal I guess.

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Have your partner and you ever tried the orgasmic potential massage ?

No I’ve never tried it, or had someone do it to me, I only know about it from what you were saying earlier, but it does sound fun and I hope I can find a guy who knows about it.

It sounds amazing. Honeslty I don’t think most people would believe it and 99% of guys wouldn’t be bothered but if my boyfriend suggested it to me I would be very impressed to be honest.

Most girls and guys don’t have such open relationships as that but it sounds amazing to me. Free massages and better orgasms, yea, doesn’t sound too bad.

What recommendations would you give to guys with new girlfriends who want to make them squirt, how would you go about suggesting it, should you even bring it up at all?

It depends on the type of girl that your girlfriend is. Most of the time I think it’s a better idea to bring up the idea of squirting in some way.

If you don’t bring it up in then she will think that you will be surprised if she squirts and she will probably try not to.

But also don’t be too direct about making her squirt because this can be a bit intimidating for us and put pressure on her. I think the best thing to do is bring it up subtley and romantically somehow.

Even showing that you’re aware of how to make her squirt and that you would enjoy it if she does would be quite simple but quite effective I think.

We are all different and have different experience levels with sex, so you will have to change your approach depending on this.

A more sexually experienced woman may not need any verbal cues at all because she is more familiar with her body and confident about what she wants and how.

But younger women are more shy and often less sexually open. You might have to spend more time with her in bed before your bring up the idea of making her squirt.

Mindset for Mastering Squirting Orgasms

I have an awesome friend who is very successful with hooking up with lots of different women and bringing out their kinkiest side.

It’s a quality I’ve always admired in him and something I’ve been wanting to cultivate for myself as well, so I started taking note of his approach to ‘courting’ women and leading them to the bedroom.

What I noticed was his amazing ability to precondition the women with his attitude towards sex and how he loved fun, kinky sex.

He openly talks to women, within ten minutes of meeting them about how great sex is and how he loves anything on the wild side. He displays to them a completely un-judgmental and free attitude towards sex.

You’ll never ever hear him talk about women who slept with him quickly as sluts or anything like that. He’ll openly praise and admire those women who slept with him quickly and got feisty in bed. And most of the time he would end up getting naughty with one of the women who he talked to about it that night.

Consistency is Key

As you may have read on School Of Squirt, the key to getting girls ejaculating consistently is almost purely psychological because the physical technique is fairly straightforward.

You need to have her relaxed, confident, ‘out of her head’ and into her body. You also need her to trust that you would never judge her, even if things got messy.

My friend was displaying all these trustworthy, non-judgmental and kinky attitudes when he talked to the girls about his past experiences. He was preconditioning in their mind that loving sex, and all the different tangents of sex, was an awesome quality.

This is something sales-people often do. They will precondition a price for a product in the sales pitch without revealing it.

Then when they reveal the actual price, it will be slightly below their preconditioned price, making it seem more favorable in comparison. It’s like planting a seed in their mind.

Now I am not saying to be like a greasy sales-person, with your own secret agenda at all. I do sales and I know that the best way to sell is consultatively and with your clients best intentions always at the forefront of any interactions, so I am not slamming on sales-people at all.

The idea is all about planting the seed of thought, so when it comes to the actual moment they have a better idea of what to expect and what to compare it with.

Women love it, just don’t judge

Of course, the thing is that women love sex, they love orgasming, and they love gushing. (95% of women do anyway, there is always a small fraction who for some reason or another don’t enjoy these things.)

When we display the quality that we understand this and we don’t judge it, it opens the women up because she no longer feels judged.

So how can we use this to make different girls gush more easily and on a more consistent basis? (This really only applies to short term sexual partners)

The key is to plant the idea of squirting in her mind, long before you get into the position, (isolation, location, she is horny..etc) where you would begin to make her squirt. This can be tricky depending on the girl and the circumstances, but you’ll be surprised with what you can get away with.

I’ve found recently that even the mention of female ejaculation during conversation can significantly help later on because it shows her that you know what women are capable of, it doesn’t come as a surprise to you or her if she squirted, or you wanted to make her squirt.

So, to quickly summarise, you will massively increase your chances of getting her to come by doing some of these things:

  • Talking openly about sex
  • Never ever say anything judgmental, especially concerning women and sex
  • Admiring qualities like risk taking, sexual openness, kinkiness, sexual freedom, independent women, sexual intelligence…etc
  • Teasing and roleplaying sexual games in conversation
  • Talking about female orgasms
  • Do you get the idea? Don’t do these things if you are socially inept. You need to calibrate to the kind of girl and social environment you are in. On the other hand, there is only one way to find where the line is. If you are comfortable talking to her about female orgasms, a lot of the time you will be comfortable giving her an orgasm.

If you can comfortably joke about making her squirt, (in fun roleplays for example) this is an excellent indicator that she could be up for giving it a try.

Conversely, if you joke about it (and the situation is right) and she doesn’t play along then you have a lot more trust and comfort building to do, (in most cases.)

I add preconditioning phrases to most of the conversations I have with women whom I want to have sex with and teach how to ejaculate.

However, one of the main reasons I do this is because I enjoy it and it makes to conversation more exciting for me. If I didn’t enjoy talking about, or adding funny, quirky phrases about squirting to the conversation I wouldn’t to it as much.

Make sure you don’t come of as insensitive and immature when you do it though.

Don’t lie about making women gush if you haven’t ever done it before. You must be genuine in your love of teaching women to squirt, who doesn’t love it though?

If you show awkwardness around these types of conversation imagine how awkward it could be if you suddenly try and make her come. Relax, enjoy and realize that women love sex and love squirting, just as much if not more than men do.

Myth 1. When women squirt they are peeing

Men ejaculate from the same hole that they pee from, and so do women, so why all the confusion over mistaking female squirting for peeing.

The most obvious reason is that unlike male ejaculate, female ejaculate serves no obvious purpose, and therefore begs the question where did it come from and why, which usually leads to the incorrect answer of the bladder and because when she orgasmed she released the bladder muscles causing her to pee.

Both of these answers are wrong but you can see how the confusion arises. I don’t know the biological purpose of female ejaculate, aka the liquid she squirts out, and I don’t think anyone knows for sure.

Its purpose might be a lubricating effect, but it also may promote the right conditions for fertilization of the egg by the sperm, in terms of acidity and so forth. It has been proven that orgasming during intercourse increases the likelihood of impregnation.

You can read about the asparagus experiment that one woman carried out that proves that female ejaculate isn’t pee.

Myth 2. Only a few women can squirt

Every single female has the anatomy that will allow her to squirt, the deciding factor of whether or not she can squirt is usually psychological / emotional.

If the woman has a repressed sexuality, emotional instability, childhood wounds or trust issues, these will almost certainly make it harder for her to squirt. Stress also plays a big role in how easily your partner can squirt, and is one of the main reasons why the ‘orgasmic potential massage’ is so effective.

Unhealthy and overweight women find it harder to squirt and this might be something you consider when choosing a partner for your squirting journey, or is something you tackle together as part of your path to a healthy sexually fulfilling relationship.

You can always keep an eye out for the squirter dimples as a good indicator that the woman will be able to squirt.

Myth 3. Oil based lubes are appropriate

Oil based lubes are definitely not appropriate for the squirting techniques. Although they might be the most readily available lube, apart from spit, we don’t recommend using them because oil based lubes have been known to be conducive to vaginal infections.

They also corrode condoms meaning you increase the chances of accidently getting your girl pregnant during intercourse, if you go onto that after making her squirt.

Stimulating her g-spot and clit at the same time is like patting your head and rubbing your stomach, its’ really hard.

Well ok, this is kind of true, because it is quite hard to do, especially for a long time and while listening to feedback from your partner. Luckily it’s not always necessary to do it all yourself.

Firstly you can enlist the help of your partner to rub her own clit. This works well because obviously she knows how to rub her own clit in a way she enjoys. However don’t think she will do this automatically, you may have to encourage her.

Many girls think it appears slutty if she starts rubbing her clit by herself, so give her some encouragement to do it herself. Another way is to use a vibrator and just rest it on the clit.

This will do all the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on her g-spot. There’s no way we can vibrate our fingers 200 times per second so why bother competing.

As your lady starts to squirt you can leave the vibrator on her clit, maybe remove most of the pressure but still touching, and often she will continue to cycle through her orgasm. This is especially true if you have worked together on the orgasmic potential massage.

Myth 4. Squirting is unnatural, weird, unhealthy and only happens in adult movies.

There are so many misconceptions and taboos surrounding sex in general that it’s no wonder squirting also receives some of this.

Thankfully squirting is not only healthy, natural and normal but it is also intensely pleasurable for the woman and has therapeutic benefits as well. Have you ever heard of orgasm therapy?

Squirting orgasms induce the secretion of vital hormones into the bloodstream that have been show to decrease stress and promote energy. Psychologically, helping your girl squirt can be a way to bond and be a good distraction from a logical work life.

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