The Complete Guide to Buying and Using a Prostate Massager

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Have you heard about the amazing orgasms you can achieve by stimulating your prostate? Do you need a prostate massager for medical purposes and don’t know what to buy? Either way, we’ve got you covered. 

Whether you’re trying to achieve the legendary super-O or you’re just interested to learn more about the benefits of using them, you’ll find everything you need to know right here.

Many men are interested in the allures of prostate play, but it can be a daunting topic. Most articles online are heavily scientific, and this can make the idea of prostate massage seem intimidating and unattainable. 

The truth is, armed with a great massager and a bit of background knowledge, you can enjoy the pleasures of prostate stimulation alone or with your partner.

But First, Let’s Talk About Prostates

If you’re completely new to anal play and prostate stimulation, it’s worth going over the basics to give you an idea of what the prostate is, where it is and how it can help you achieve the best orgasm of your life.

The prostate is a small gland that is located just in front of the rectum. It’s only the size of a walnut, but when stimulated, it can give you an orgasm you’ve never experienced before.

The prostate can be stimulated, both internally and externally. The external route to your prostate is via your perineum or taint, as it’s better known. Prostate massage was initially developed to help excrete built-up fluids in the gland and was a method used by doctors.

Since then, the prostate has gained a reputation as the male G-spot AKA P-spot, and it’s become famous for being the epicenter for amazing and, in some cases, multiple male orgasms. 

In order to massage the prostate effectively, medical professionals created prostate massage tools that offered easy access to the prostate gland.

Since it’s become a popular sexual practice, sex toy makers have developed massage toys of all shapes and sizes to help people experience the pleasure of prostate massage whenever the mood strikes them.

What is a Prostate Massager?

A prostate massager is simply a tool that is used to stimulate the prostate. Butt plugs and other anal sex toys can also work to stimulate the prostate, but specially-designed prostate massagers aim to fully target the prostate internally, and most have a tab that helps with external stimulation. 

To reach the prostate, you have to essentially turn a corner in the anus. Classic shaped butt plugs and other anal toys may offer some stimulation, but they don’t always sufficiently reach the prostate. However, p-massagers are shaped to follow the contours of the anus, and they are long enough to reach and stimulate the prostate. 

In this article, we’ll talk specifically about prostate massagers, but if you’re interested in the joys and uses of butt plugs, check out this article.

Benefits of Using a Prostate Massager

There are many benefits to using a prostate massager. Below are the main perks of the practice.

More Intense Orgasms

Without a doubt, the main reason that most guys use these massagers is to achieve orgasms that are out of this world. Simply masturbating or having sex can, of course, lead to orgasms, but it’s widely known that a prostate orgasm is much more intense. 

Using a prostate massager can also help you to achieve a ‘Super-O,’ which stands for super orgasm. With this type of orgasm, many different sensations combine to create a full-body orgasmic response.

What’s crazy about the Super-O is that many men don’t even ejaculate, it’s simply an internal reaction that can be felt from the head to the toes.

Multiple Orgasms

Thought it was only women that could achieve multiple orgasms?

You thought wrong. 

Using an anal massager can help you achieve multiple orgasms, and you can enjoy the pleasurable feeling that is created by releasing and contracting your muscles whilst the massager is inserted. With prostate play, many men agree that the journey is just as enjoyable as the destination. 

Medical Benefits

Massaging the prostate regularly can help to reduce symptoms of many different medical issues. Some men experience painful ejaculation, and this practice can help to release any blockages in the system. It also helps with conditions like prostatitis, erectile dysfunction, and irregular urine flow.

Add a New Dimension in the Bedroom

If you and your partner have been dabbling in anal play, but their fingers or the toys you have available aren’t quite doing it for you, then a prostate massager may be just what you need. They can help you to enjoy the full anal experience, and you can also let your partner take control of the insertion and vibration speeds.

Great for Self Pleasure

If you’re getting a little bored of jerking off, but you want a way to enjoy orgasmic pleasure alone, then prostate massage may be what you’re missing. They’re easy to use alone, and you can enjoy some of the best orgasms of your life, no matter how things are going in your love life.

Prostate Massager Buyer’s Guide

When searching for the perfect massager, there are lots of different things to consider. In this section, I’ll go over the key things to think about.


There are four main designs when it comes to anal massagers; Simple massagers, vibrating massagers, Aneros massagers, and ‘come hither’ massagers. 

Simple prostate massagers are designed in a similar way to a dildo, but they tend to be a little shorter and more angled, in order to sufficiently reach the prostate when inserted. They often have a perineum tab for external prostate stimulation.

Vibrating massagers are similar to simple massagers, but they have a vibrate function that is controlled by either remote control or buttons on the end of the massager.

Aneros massagers are designed to stimulate the prostate, both internally and externally. They are complete with a Perineum tab for external prostate stimulation and a Kundalini tab, which is designed to send pleasurable sensations up the spine. Some non-Aneros models will also have the 2-tab design, but it’s most associated with the Aneros brand.

Finally, Come Hither Massagers are motorized massagers that move back and forth to stimulate the prostate. The massager works kind of like a finger, beckoning someone to ‘come hither,’ hence the weird name.

Other than this, anything that you can pop up there to stimulate the prostate can also be classed as a massager, but the styles listed above are specifically designed to offer superior prostate massage and stimulation. 

The style you choose will totally depend on your preferences. Beginners often choose simple massagers because they are easy to insert and use, but once you’ve got some experience with prostate play, you can literally choose any style you like.


When choosing a prostate massager, the material is also very important. On the whole, anal massagers are made from one of four materials; Silicone, plastic, stainless steel, and glass. 

Most anal massagers that you come across are made from silicone. Silicone massagers are silky smooth and often easy to insert, which makes them great for beginners. Silicone is a common material that is used for most sex toys because it is hygienic and easy to clean. 

The next most common material used is plastic. Plastic is hard-wearing, hygienic, and easy to clean. However, it is also very rigid and can be a little unforgiving and cold, so it may not be the best choice for beginners.

Some prostate massagers are made from glass and stainless steel. However, this is less common. Both materials are cold to the touch and hard. But, if you’re experienced in prostate play, and you enjoy the feeling of a hard cold toy, glass or stainless steel may be what you’re looking for.

Insertable Length

The next thing you will want to think about is the insertable length of the massager. Since the aim of the game is for the tip of the toy to reach the prostate, the insertable length doesn’t vary too much.

The shortest massagers tend to have around a 3.4-inch insertable length, but this can stretch to as much as 4.0 inches for larger massagers. It’s hard to say which type of toy will be right for you, but as with most things, it’s best to start small and upgrade if you think you need something bigger to more adequately stimulate your prostate.


Massagers tend to vary quite a bit when it comes to girth. Some massagers are slender and angled for easy insertion, and some are a little bulkier. 

The more bulky designs are perfect for people who enjoy the feeling of fullness in their anus. If this is not something you’re into, then a more slender massager may be right for you.

10 Best Prostate Massagers

Thinking of purchasing your first prostate massager? Here’s my list of the top 10 products available right now.

1. Njoy Pure Wand

The Njoy Pure Wand is a simple yet sophisticated prostate massager that’s sure to get the job done. It has a slender, stainless steel design that allows for easy insertion. 

To the naked eye, the Njoy pure wand doesn’t look like anything special, but it’s perfectly designed to help you stimulate the prostate without any hassle. Its simplistic design is perfect for both internal and external stimulation.

If you’re looking for something soft and forgiving, then the Njoy pure wand may not be for you, but if you know what you like, and you enjoy the cold feeling of stainless steel, then it’s a great option.

Its minimal design makes it easy to clean, and it even comes with a special plush case to store it. Although you may be able to find cheaper options, the Njoy pure wand is one of the most highly-rated massagers on the market, and it offers great value for money.

2. Lovehoney Colourplay Colour-Changing Silicone

The Lovehoney Colourplay Colour-Changing Silicone Butt Plug is classified as a butt plug. However, I’ve included it on this list because it’s shaped much more like a prostate massager than a generic butt plug.

If you’re looking for a good massager, but you don’t quite have the budget for something that is top of the range, this butt plug from Lovehoney is a great alternative. 

This product is great for beginners, as it is made from color changing silicone that is easy to insert and not too hard for anal newbies. Like all of the prostate massagers on this list, the head is angled to accurately target the prostate, and it even has a small perineum tab that will offer some external stimulation.

It may not be as effective as some of the vibrating massagers for helping you achieve the super-o, but it’s the perfect wallet-friendly product to use when getting acquainted with prostate massage.

3. Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Prostate Massager

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a glass prostate massager, then the Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass Prostate Massager is a great option. It is made from smooth and easy to insert glass and is designed to effectively target the prostate internally.

The Sinclair Institute Select Onyx Glass model is complete with a rigid design to make prostate play a little more fun. The only real drawback of this item is that it is a little slippery to hold when you are inserting it.

Although it has some grips on the end of the device to help you to keep hold of it, when lube gets involved, it can be a pain to maintain your grip. Although it’s suitable for beginners, it may be best to use this toy once you are well acquainted with inserting massagers and holding them in place. Other than that, it’s an affordable and interesting prostate massager to try.

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4. Lelo Loki

The Lelo Loki is a powerful prostate massager, and it’s one of the most popular devices for prostate play. If you’re keen to try out a vibrating massager, then the Lelo Loki is the way to go. It’s super simple to use, and it’s designed to look sleek and sexy. 

The vibration controls for the Lelo Loki are on the bottom of the device and are easily reachable for the user. You can choose whatever vibration pattern suits you most, from a consistent buzz to intermittent jolts of vibration. These controls are also perfect if you’re using the massager with a partner as they can also take control of the vibrations. 

Unfortunately, the Lelo Loki doesn’t have a perineum tab, but the vibrations are enough to make up for this. Reviewers of this product rave about it, and most people agree that it gives the most buzz for your buck compared to other vibrators available.

5. Rocks Off Naughty Boy Prostate Massager

The Rocks Off Naughty Boy is one of the best products offered by the well-known anal toy brand Rocks Off. This product combines both value for money and great specs to become one of the most exciting toys on the market.

The massager’s head is angled so that it can easily reach the prostate. It’s also quite slim, which is perfect for anyone that doesn’t enjoy the full feeling of thicker massagers. Unlike the Lelo Loki, the Rocks Off Naughty Boy also has a perineum tab, which is perfect for dual stimulation.

The main feature that is appealing about the Naughty Boy Rocks Off is the 7 Speed in-built vibrator. Users can tailor their prostate play to their personal pleasures and choose between 3 different speeds and 4 different pulsating patterns. If this doesn’t hit the spot (pun intended), I don’t know what will!

6. Prostate Play by Tantus

The Prostate Play Massager by Tantus is a great and robust prostate massager, perfect for anyone who likes the feeling of fullness in the anus. It’s a little chunkier than some of the massagers on this list and has an interesting angled body that fits the body’s natural curves. The tip of the massager is bulbous and provides a gentle yet effective massage.

In terms of vibration, The Prostate Play Massager is a little limited. It comes equipped with a 3-speed Tantus bullet vibrator, which is effective, but not as exciting as 7-speed vibrators like the Rocks Off Naughty Boy. However, the bullet vibrator is also removable, so you can use it for other play too.

This massager is great for anyone looking for a silicone product that offers fullness and is easy to use. Thanks to the smooth silicone exterior, the product is also really easy to clean and last for a long time.

7. Aneros Maximus Trident

The Aneros Maximus Trident is one of the largest Aneros massagers available, and it is classified by Aneros as being suitable for an intermediate user. Like most Aneros massagers, the Maximus Trident is equipped with Perineum and Kundalini tabs for an all-over pleasurable experience.

The bulbous insertable head of the massager works it’s magic on the inner prostate, whilst the perineum tab stimulates the prostate from the outside, and the Kundalini sits in between the butt cheeks and sends pleasurable impulses up the back.

Altogether, it’s said to provide the ultimate prostate massage experience, and many Aneros users feel that there is no need for added vibrations. 

The Aneros Maximus Trident is in the middle of the range when it comes to price, and is a great investment for someone who is looking to try a different style of prostate play, without the aid of vibrations.

8. Aneros The Progasm

If you’re firmly in the ‘bigger is better’ camp, then the massager for you will definitely be the Aneros Progasm. The Progasm is the biggest massager currently offered by Aneros, and it’s sure to provide the full prostate massage experience.

The massager has an insertable length of 4 inches and a head width of 1.25 inches, so one thing is for sure, you’ll need to lube up well to use this massager. Once inserted, the K and P tabs really come into play to offer the famous Aneros triple action stimulation.

If you’re an experienced user, and you want to move onto more advanced stuff, Aneros Massagers like the Progasm offers another dimension to prostate play. Instead of relying on artificial vibrations, you’ll need to use your own muscles to move the massager around. Although it may take a little time to get used too, once you do, you’ll begin to experience longer and more satisfying full-body orgasms.

9. Aneros Vice 2

If you’re interested in experiencing an Aneros style massager, but you’d still like to have some vibration action, then the Aneros Vice 2 is the perfect product. It’s one of the only products in the range that comes with a built-in vibrator, which makes it one of the most popular models.

When it comes to vibrating prostate massagers, there’s no denying that the Aneros Vice really takes the cake. Users can choose between 18 different vibration patterns and 4-speed selections. The dual vibrators in the Vice 2 are controlled by remote control, which makes it super easy to change the pattern once you’ve found the perfect position.

And what’s more, the Vice 2 is one of the only vibrating massagers that has both a Perineum and Kundalini tab to help you achieve a true full-body experience. Although the Aneros Vice 2 is one of the more expensive massagers on this list, prostate play veterans across the web agree that it’s more than worth it!

10. Lelo Loki Wave

The Lelo Loki Wave is very similar to the design of the original Lelo Loki. However, the main stand out feature is that the wave is a come hither style massager which, according to the Lelo website, will “beckon you to the most intense and memorable orgasms of your life.”

What’s great about the Loki Wave is that it has all the same functions as the regular Loki vibrating massager, but it can also add that extra element of stimulation to your play. In addition to it’s come hither and vibration features, the Lelo Loki Wave is also completely waterproof so it can be used in the bath or shower.

Lelo toys are known for being versatile, so this massager doesn’t just have to work for the prostate, it’s also great for women too. If you’re looking for a sophisticated toy that can be used for whatever you like, the Lelo Loki Wave is a great choice.

How to Use a Prostate Massager

Using a prostate massager is fairly simple, but it can take a little getting used too. Below are some simple steps you can follow.

Lube Up

I can’t stress enough that lube is a must when using any anal toy. Without it, things will be tough and probably uncomfortable. Unless that’s what you’re going for, be sure to be liberal with the lube. Lube both your anus and the massager before you insert it. Try your best to avoid getting lube on the handle as this will make it harder for you to grip

Get in a Comfortable Position

Once you’re lubed and ready, get in a comfortable position. Achieving a prostate orgasm is known for being a lengthy process, so my advice is to put on some porn to get your head in the right space and choose a position that is comfortable both before and after insertion.

Most people choose to lie on their side with one knee drawn up to the chest. This makes it easy to insert the massager and use your muscles once it’s in there.

Insert the Massager

Once you’re ready, insert the massager slowly. Don’t rush or force it; just ease it in slowly. Make sure you have the tip of the massager pointing towards your stomach, as this is where the prostate is located.

Work Your Magic

Once the massager is inserted, you can then choose your technique. With vibrating massagers or come hither massagers, stimulating the prostate is easy. However, with non-motorized massagers, you’ll need to rely on your muscle movements. 

Releasing and contracting your muscles will stimulate the prostate and eventually lead to an awesome orgasm. This method takes some getting used to, but it’s worth trying. I talked about this in more detail about this in an article I wrote about prostate milking if you’d like to learn more.

Prostate Massager Safety Tips

Although prostate massagers are a great way to experience a Super-O, it can be dangerous if you don’t do things properly. Here are my top tips for using your new toy safely.

Make Sure Your Anus is Clean

No type of infection is fun, but anal infections are definitely worse than many others, which is why cleanliness during prostate play is super important. To ensure that your experience is both fun and hygienic, try to make sure that your butt and the surrounding areas are clean before you consider insertion.

You can wash the area with soap, shower gel, and hot water to get rid of any lingering germs, or you can also use a baby wipe if you want to get cleaned up quickly. 

Use Lots of Lube

If you’re new to anal play, then massaging your prostate may feel a bit strange at first, and it’s not uncommon for your anus to be a little tight. For this reason, it’s a lot safer and more enjoyable to use lube to help things go a little more smoothly.

Choose a lube that is both long-lasting and won’t cause any damage to your massager and apply it liberally. If you’re a beginner when it comes to prostate play, you really can never have too much lube.

Relax and Take Your Time

Using a prostate massager can be a little tricky at times, and it may take a while to get used to it. If you can help it, try not to rush the process.

If you’re going to use your prostate massager, set aside enough time so that you can relax and really enjoy the experience. Not only will this make the end result more pleasurable, but it will also make the process a lot safer too.

Wash Your Hands

Just like your massager and your butt, you should wash your hands before you start using your massager. This will ensure that no harmful germs get into your anus whilst you’re trying to get the massager in place.

How to Clean Your Prostate Massager

Since your prostate massager is going to spend a considerable amount of time inside your body, it’s important that you know how to clean it properly. Sex toys that aren’t cleaned properly can cause infections, and that’s something that nobody wants.

With Anal sex toys, it’s always a good idea to sanitize them, as opposed to just giving them a quick wipe down. To sanitize your massager, you can:

  • Run it through your dishwasher on the sanitization cycle
  • Boil it in hot water for 3-4 minutes
  • Use a bleach solution
  • Use a UV sanitization device

The type of method you choose will depend on the material that your sex toy is made of. It’s always a good idea to check the cleaning instructions for your specific massager on the company’s website or on the side of the box so that you don’t accidentally damage it.

Also, be sure to wipe your toy down once you’ve sanitized it to make sure that there isn’t any leftover dirt or grime in any crevices. Once your massager is clean, store it in a cool, dry place such as a bag or box to prevent it from getting damaged or dusty between uses.

Final Thoughts

Prostate massagers are an essential toy for anyone that wants to experience the full anal experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an anal veteran, these toys are sure to enhance your experience and help you to achieve the super-o you’ve been dreaming of. 

If you’ve used a prostate massager before and you have any great tips to share, let us know in the comments.

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