What Is Primal Fetish and How Do You Get Started?

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Looking for something to supercharge your sex life? Primal fetish could be just what you need! Straddling the line between sexuality and violence, Primal fetish offers excitement and passion like nothing else. If you’re open to exploring your animalistic side, ‘going primal’ lets you experience the intoxicating mixture of dominating your partner, ripping their clothes off and having the roughest, wildest sex of your entire life!

In this guide, I’ll explain everything you need to know to get started with primal fetish. I’ll teach you how to turn your body into a tool for dominating your partner, and show you a range of safe pinning and restraining techniques that will satisfy your primal urges TONIGHT…and make you purr with delight!

If that’s not enough, I’ll show you how to introduce things like sexual biting and scratching to send your partner WILD and create intense physical pleasure quite unlike anything they’ve ever experienced before! To round things off, I’ll share my favorite oral sex moves and my go-to primal sex positions that are guaranteed to satisfy your basest primal instincts!

So, if you’re ready to…

  • Explore your animalistic side with biting, scratching, growling, and writhing….
  • Spurr your partner on to an orgiastic frenzy
  • and give in entirely to your raw urges, impulses, and emotions…

Then keep reading, because you’re about to learn all that and more today on School of Squirt!

What is primal fetish?

Primal fetish isn’t technically a fetish as it’s not dependent on a specific object or behavior. Instead, being primal is more of a style or a state of mind that means being ‘animalistic’, or releasing one’s primal self when sexually aroused or during sex, whenever or wherever that may be!

As there’s no one, single activity that defines primal fetish, it’s helpful to think of it as an umbrella term covering a wide range of things such as:

  • Play-fighting and wrestling,
  • Growling and snarling,
  • Stalking and being stalked,
  • Biting and scratching,
  • Hair pulling and spanking,
  • And of course – having plenty of animalistic sex!

Being primal is all about dropping your civilized behavior and acting out your inner urge to pin, restrain and restrict your partner! Primal fetish activities can be gentle or painful, dirty or even non-sexual, depending on your personality and mood. In short, primal fetish is any activity driven by your impulses and instincts, rather than any preconceived notions.

Some folks with a primal fetish tend to identify closely with a specific animal, whether a real animal like a lion or mythical animal such as a unicorn. Primal folks may adopt behavioural traits that mirror their chosen animal and their relationships may be dictated by animal-like group dynamics such as pack or herd mentality.

What is primal fetish play?

The hallmark of the primal fetish niche is known as primal fetish play – or primal sex for short – which involves using your entire body – including your nails and teeth – as a tool for controlling and dominating your partner or vice versa. Open to everyone, primal play is also enjoyed by non-primal folk who just want to experiment with the rough and kinky aspect of having hot, rough, animalistic sex!

Although there is some cross-over between primal play and BDSM, there are some key similarities and differences that you should know.

Key similarities between Primal play and BDSM

  • Both activities involve dominance and submission with one partner – the dominant or ‘dom’ – subduing or restraining their submissive partner, the ‘sub’. ‘Switching’ is also possible, allowing participants to change roles during the play.
  • Both primal play and BDSM feature the use of safe words and/or safe gestures to ensure that the activity is consensual and can be stopped at any time.
  • The use of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ limits is another similarity.

Key differences between Primal play and BDSM

  • Although primal play may feature a ‘dom’ and a ‘sub’, these labels aren’t rigid and many other combinations are possible. A ‘Primal dom’ may be referred to as a Hunter, Predator, or whichever animal they identify with, according to their personal preferences. Likewise, a ‘Primal Sub‘ may also be referred to as Prey, a Kitten, or their chosen animal.
  • Primal fetish includes two other roles – ‘Mates’ and ‘Pets’ – not found in BDSM and I’ll explain more about them in the following section!
  • Primal folk tend not to use props such as chains, handcuffs and rope commonly used by other BDSM communities, preferring instead to use wrestling holds and pins (as shown below) to dominate their ‘Prey’.

Primal fetish roles and relationships explained

There is a tendency in the BDSM community to try and shoehorn primal fetish folk into conventional boxes such as ‘Predator’ and ‘Prey’. However, Primal fetish is open to people of any gender or sexuality, in any type of relationship – and can definitely be enjoyed by non-primal couples who just want to try something different!

Most, but not all, primal folk use terms like Predator, Mate, Prey, and Pet to describe their roles within their relationships. In this section, I’ll explain the ins and outs of primal fetish roles and relationships so you can begin to explore where you might see yourself fitting in!


A Predator – also known as a Primal Dom, a Hunter, or whichever animal they identify with – typically enjoys the thrill of the chase and takes pleasure in ‘consuming’ their ‘Prey’. Predators enjoy playing with their food and asserting their dominance!


A Prey – also known as a Primal Sub, a Kitten, or whichever animal they identify with – enjoys the thrill of being chased and understands that their primary purpose is to be consumed by the Predator.


While primal folk won’t tend to describe a relationship as serious, labelling someone as a ‘mate’ denotes a certain fondness and chemistry and signifies a willingness to have sex with and bond with that person.


Being a ‘Pet’ is the primal equivalent of being in the ‘friend zone’. Primal people may have sex with their friends but would use the term ‘Pet’ to describe someone who they aren’t as serious about as a mate.

Besides there being plenty of overlap between these terms, there are many other ways that primal folk relate to and interact with each other! Just like the rest of the BDSM community, relationships are highly personal and what constitutes a serious relationship to one couple may not be reflective of the entire community.

If you’re approach primal fetish as a ‘vanilla’, or non-primal couple, you may find these labels confusing. Many couples discover primal play organically through things like play-fighting and wrestling and naturally find themselves gravitating towards either fixed roles such as Predator or Prey, or finding that they enjoy ‘switching’ between roles.

Types of primal festish play explained

Being primal is a state of mind and there can be many different types of primal play, depending on who is involved, their personalities and their personal preferences. However, there are three main types of primal play that you should know:

  • Primal vs non-primal
  • Predator vs Prey – i.e. a Primal Dom vs a Primal Sub
  • Predator vs Predator – i.e. a Primal Dom vs a Primal Dom

Let’s look at each of these in more detail:

Primal vs non-primal

If you’ve ever found yourself sexually triggered by things like scent, hair grabbing, clawing, and wrestling, there’s a good chance that you could have a Primal mindset! Exploring your primal side with a non-primal partner is possible, provided you discuss your expectations and boundaries beforehand and set a safe word!

A safe word lets your partner stop things if your animalistic snarling, growling and wrestling becomes a little bit too ‘out there’ for their tastes! In a Primal vs non-primal pairing, the non-primal partner must learn how to keep their primal on a leash!

Predator vs Prey

In an ‘ideal’ primal relationship, one partner will enjoy the chase and assume the role of the Predator (the Primal dom) while the other will enjoy being chased and will be the Prey (the Primal sub). The Predator will use their hair, teeth, nails and body strength to chase, subdue and dominate their Prey. Foreplay may involve the Predator smelling their Prey’s skin or tousling their hair before they try to escape. Once the Prey is cornered, captured and tamed, the Predator dominates them and takes their prize!

Predator vs Predator

One of the most interesting pairings in Primal fetish play is between two dominant partners who both have alpha personalities. In this situation, the balance of power constantly shifts between the two participants as they try to wrestle, strike, scratch and bite each other into submission. Predator vs Predator primal play usually involves play-fighting or wrestling where the two alphas battle for dominance over each other. This creates a huge amount of sexual energy and can result in a mind-blowing climaxes for both partners!

As primal fetish is predominantly a state of mind, these scenarios are highly flexible and adaptable. For example, primal fetish play encounters can feature ‘switching’, which is where the participants change between dominant and submissive roles during the play.

Why try primal fetish?

For primal folk, being primal is a lifestyle, not a choice. It is a certain mindset that manifests itself through a series of relationships and encounters. However, primal fetish play is also something that non-primal folk can experiment with and it boasts a number of unbeatable benefits!

Boosting intimacy

Trying an aspect of primal fetish such as wrestling, biting and hair pulling can unexpectedly drive you crazy in bed! This type of intense physical contact can be both exciting and unusual and is one of the best ways of becoming more intimate with your partner. When you throw sex into the mix, primal fetish can let you experience an intensity in your love-making that is guaranteed to bring you closer together!

Exploring boundaries

You can be in a relationship with someone for years and never know about their deeply hidden animalistic desires! Primal fetish play helps you discover aspects of your personality that you never knew existed! The power of letting go entirely and submitting to your raw impulses, emotions and urges can reinvigorate your sex life and redefine your entire concept of sexual boundaries.

Increasing physical pleasure

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your sex life, Primal fetish could be just what you need! Once you master primal sex moves and positions in this guide, you’ll grow in confidence and discover ways to deepen your physical pleasure! Over time, you’ll learn to trust your partner completely and sink deeper into primal play, unlocking the powerful, mind-blowing orgasms beyond your wildest dreams!

How to have primal fetish sex: Tips for beginners

You don’t have to be primal to enjoy channeling your inner jungle cat in the bedroom! Tapping into your animal instincts is guaranteed to make your partner purr with pleasure. Here are five ways that you can start experimenting with primal fetish sex TONIGHT…and see some orgiastic results!

Try play-fighting

Play-fighting mixes intense physical contact with the thrill of scantily-clad, sweaty, writhing hotness and is one of the best ways of exploring primal fetish! A heated play-fight session lets you release pent-up energy and explore your primal instincts. You’ll find that your animalistic side comes out quite naturally and you’ll soon be growling, biting, scratching and writhing with each other like a pair of wild cats! Play-fighting also helps you discover where you fit on the primal scale – as Predator, Prey or a ‘switch’.

Plan a sneak attack

Primal fetish is all about tapping into your innate urges and letting your emotions dictate your actions. Provided you’ve discussed your boundaries and have set a safe-word beforehand, there’s nothing wrong with planning a sneak attack and pouncing on your partner when the urge strikes! Let your other half know that you need them right here, right now by play-mauling them so they can feel how turned on you are!

Use your ‘fangs’ and your ‘claws’

Scratching and biting are some of the WILDEST ways to spice up foreplay and intercourse as they help you unleash your inner beast! Trying biting your partner’s lip during a heavy makeout session, or dragging your nails across their back while you nibble their neck! A little pain will send their arousal levels sky-high and I’ll show you exactly how to bite and scratch safely later on in this guide!

Take them into the wild

Unleashing your inner animal is much easier when you do the dirty in the great outdoors! Whether you go camping or head to the back yard for a little staycation sex, the thrill of nature is a sure-fire way to tap into your animalistic side. Check out my guide to outdoor sex for my ultimate list of primal sex positions!

Have standing sex

If you want to let go and fuck like jungle cats, standing sex is the order of the day! Incorporating some standing sex positions into your repertoire lets you channel your primal lust and spur each other on towards an orgiastic frenzy! Standing makes you feel completely unrestricted and lets your animal instincts take over your body and pull you in whatever directions they choose!

Whether you try one, two or even all five of these ideas rolled into one, I promise the result will be pure bliss! If you’re ready to take things up a notch, keep reading

How to safely pin, restrain and restrict your partner

If you’ve already experimented with play-fighting and a little light scratching and biting, you’ll know how close pleasure and pain can be. The heady mixture of adrenaline and sexual hormones rushing through your body helps mask any pain you feel, creating an intoxicatingly addictive sensation! To take things up a notch, you’ll find that pinning, restraining and restricting your partner is even more pleasurable, and in this section, I’ll teach you how to just that!

Safety precautions

When it comes to the safety aspect of primal fetish play, you and your partner are going to be rolling around and wrestling with your hands all over each other’s bodies so to prevent any accidents, you’ll want to:

  • Take off any removable jewellery such as earrings that may get caught when you’re moving around.
  • Remove your glasses (if you wear them) so that they don’t accidentally get bent or damaged and you don’t poke each other with them.
  • Take off clothing with zippers or buttons as they may inadvertently cause injury.
  • Clear the surrounding area of any valuables or objects that you may hit when things get rough and wild!

Option 1. The Spread Eagle

The simplest primal fetish position to try is called the Spread Eagle. The Predator ‘captures’ their Prey and has them lie on their back with their hands by their sides. The Predator tucks their Prey’s hands by their sides to make it easier to control them with their body.

The Predator straddles their Prey and uses their knees to apply a little bit of pressure on each of their arms. They must be careful not to apply any weight to the arm, just a little bit of pressure. What’s fun about this position is that it exposes the Prey’s chest, arms, and head to ALL of the wild, animalistic fantasies that the Predator may have in store!

Option 2. The Lotus position

The next fun primal fetish position we’re going to look at is called the Lotus Position. This move is safe and easy, yet offers plenty in the way of domination while letting you live out your inner jungle-cat desires!


Technique: Once the Predator has caught their Prey, they make them sit down on a mat or on the bed. The Prey crosses their legs and the Predator straddles their thighs and sits in their lap. In this position, the Predator can apply pressure from their thighs to keep the Prey’s legs in position. This opens up plenty of options for biting, scratching and teasing that is sure to drive the Prey WILD!

The Predator can also try ‘grooming’ the Prey’s hair as part of foreplay, by using their fingers to comb through their hair. This gives them a number of safe and pleasurable pressure points that the Prey is sure to love!

What to look out for

While it can feel exhilarating and strangely pleasurable to ‘attack’ your partner or be dominated, remember that any form of pinning, restraining and restricting must be safe and consensual. The Predator should be careful about applying their body weight on their Prey and instead use lateral pressure to restrict their movements.

Sexual biting and scratching: How to do it safely

If you want to explore primal fetish play and experience MAXIMUM pleasure, a huge part of the thrill comes from sexual biting and scratching. Sexual biting – or odaxelagnia – and scratching can range from minimal actions to stimulate arousal all the way to intense blood-drawing bites and scratches designed to inflict pain.

Many men and women find biting and scratching a HUGE turn-on and find it extremely pleasurable but ONLY when done correctly. In this section, I’ll show you how to safely bite and scratch your partner until they are writhing and moaning in ecstasy!

Try nibbling and scratching during make-out sessions

To introduce biting and scratching, try lightly nibbling and scratching during a hot and heavy make-out session to see how your partner responds. Things like gently nibbling their ear lobes or lightly scratching their neck will let you test the waters. If your partner bites or scratches back, it’s a good sign that they may be into it!

Work nibbling into foreplay

Another great way to introduce scratching and biting is nibbling your partner during foreplay. If your partner has a penis, you may like to run your teeth down their shaft during a blowjob and see how they react (get more insanely pleasurable dick sucking techniques here!) If your partner has a vulva, try nibbling their inner thighs when you eat them out; you’ll be able to tell pretty fast whether they’re into it!

Try the Chomp

If your partner seems to enjoy biting and scratching during make-out sessions and oral sex, the easiest and safest way of exploring biting as part of primal fetish play is using a technique known as the Chomp. This style of biting uses the whole mouth, especially the large molar teeth at the back of the mouth, to apply even pressure to an area of your partner’s body. This technique maximizes the surface area and spreads the pressure of your teeth, which minimizes the risk of accidentally biting too hard and drawing blood or causing injury.

Technique: To try the Chomp technique, sit in the Lotus position and take off your partner’s top – or rip it off! – before moving their head to one side. This will expose their shoulder and give you a nice, large area to put your mouth around and give the sensation of biting.

Lower your head down and use your whole mouth to chomp on this area. Apply a fair amount of pressure to create a pleasurable sensation and see how your partner responds!

Remember: You’re just applying enough pressure to create a sensation, not actually biting them!

Try the ‘Back-scratcher’

The Lotus position is also ideal for incorporating different sensations such as grabbing your partner’s hair and scratching their back during and in between bites! The back is one of the safest areas to try sexual scratching as there’s plenty of surface area to explore and the skin isn’t particularly sensitive. The key to scratching safely is to use all four fingers at the same time and apply the least possible amount of pressure as you run your nails over your partner’s body.

Technique: You can also try scratching in the Spread Eagle position by running your nails across your partner’s chest. You need to be a little more cautious around their sensitive nipple area, although nipple scratching in itself can feel orgasmic (read how to give your partner a nipple orgasm here!).

What to look out for

When done correctly, biting and scratching can feel spectacularly pleasurable but it’s important that the Predator stays aware of their Prey’s reactions. Always abide by the safe word and cease as soon as the Prey indicates they want the activity to end.

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Best oral sex positions for primal fetish play

Once you’ve dominated, subdued, bitten and scratched your partner to the throes of ecstasy, it’s time to set their animalistic soul alight with mind-blowing oral sex. In this section, I’ll show you the hottest oral sex positions to try during primal fetish play that will make you – and your partner – purr with satisfaction!

Note: In order to be more respectful and inclusive of individuals with non-binary gender identities, the following descriptions use gender-neutral pronouns “they/them/theirs” irrespective of the gender of the person in the Predator or Prey roles.

The Hovering Butterfly

Technique: In the Hovering Butterfly position, the Prey lies down on their back and the Predator straddles their face. The Predator uses their legs to pin their Prey’s arms in place and starts gyrating against their tongue and mouth. For variation, the Predator can grab their Prey’s hair and demand they start pleasuring them using the most orgasmic techniques they know!


  • Similar to queening, or face-sitting, the Hovering Butterfly is idea for oral switches as it works great regardless of gender. If you’re the Prey and your partner has a vulva, I can teach you plenty of ways to eat their pussy until they orgasm. If your partner has a penis, the blowjob techniques in my orgasmic guide to sucking cock will make them explode on your face!
  • The Hovering Butterful gives the Predator maximum pleasure and lets them restrain their Prey while keeping both their hands free. This is perfect for exploring things like hair-pulling and scratching while being pleasured!


  • The Prey may experience difficulties breathing, especially if the Predator gets too carried away! As their mouth might by full, setting a safe gesture is a smart move.
  • For Predators who prefer completely immobilizing their Prey, they may find it difficult to restrain their Prey’s hands in this position. The solution is to reach behind their back and clasp the Prey’s hands over their stomach.

The Lying Mantis

Technique: The Lying Mantis is a variation of the Sixty Nine position and is great for primal fetish play involving two alphas. As a lying position, both Predators have equal access to each other and can use their wildest oral sex moves to bring each other off.


  • The Lying Mantis is ideal for Predator vs Predator primal fetish play as neither partner is being restricted. Their hands remain free to scratch, pull, grapple and pleasure each other throughout!
  • Most people find simultaneously giving and receiving pleasure too distracting to orgasm. This makes the Lying Mantis the ideal position for long, leisurely primal play sessions that any two Predators are sure to love!


  • Although this position is 50-50 in terms of effort, the lower-most partner may find their arm cramping up after a period of time – something that no true Predator would EVER endure! Two alphas will enjoy wrestling each other into their preferred positions.
  • As the Lying Mantis lacks the dominant/submissive power structure of other positions, some Predators may tire of this after a while. Try making it into a game to see which one can wrestle the other into a more suitable position such as the Hovering Butterfly!

The Crouching Tiger

Technique: The Predator subdues their Prey and pins them in the Lotus position before roughly straightening their legs. The Predator stands, turns and straddles their Prey’s hips before bending over and having heir Prey start to pleasure them. While in a downward-facing position, the Predator may either immobilize their Prey’s legs using their hands or perform cunnilingus or fellatio on their Prey, depending on their preferences.


  • The Crouching Tiger is the perfect position for primal folk who want to explore their animalistic side with a non-primal partner. There’s not much for the Prey to do, except sit there and pleasure their Predator!
  • This position is extremely comfortable for the Predator to simultaneously pin their prey while being pleasured. The blood rush to the head makes the stimulation insanely intense!


  • If there’s a big height difference between the Predator and Prey, the Predator may find themselves crouching down uncomfortably low in this position. Try having the Prey sit on a small pillow or cushion to make up for this (if it doesn’t ruin the primal vibe!).
  • In this position, the Predator has no way of immobilizing the Prey’s arms – that’s fine as long as the Prey knows they are just food to be consumed!

Best sex positions for primal fetish lovers

While primal fetish play doesn’t have to involve full-blow sex, combining wrestling, biting and scratching with intercourse can result in some of the best sex you’ll ever have! Unlocking your inner animal and dropping all inhibitions is the perfect time to fuck like animals. Try it once and primal sex will likely become one of you and your partner’s favorite sexual drawcards!

If you’re ready to make your partner scream with pleasure, these are the best primal fetish sex positions you should try!

Note: As with the oral sex positions, the following descriptions use gender-neutral pronouns “they/them/theirs” regardless of which partner adopts the Predator or Prey roles or the genders shown in the illustrations.

The Elephant

Technique: The Predator subdues their Prey into the Lotus position and threatens not to release them until they are completely satisfied! The Prey brings their legs into a kneeling position and the Predator wraps their legs around their Prey. Wrapping their hands around the Prey’s shoulders, the Predator lets their Prey thrust into them and they start having intense primal sex!


  • The Elephant offers some of the deepest penetration of any sexual position and is sure to satisfy both partner’s cravings for hard, animalistic thrusting!
  • The angle of penetration ensures that the vulva-haver enjoys amazing A-spot (anterior fornix) and P-spot (posterior fornix) stimulation as their partner’s shaft hits a spot on the front wall of their vagina known as the ‘deep spot’.


  • This physically demanding position works best for pairings where the Predator is male or has a penis (or is wearing a strap-on) and the Prey is female or has a vulva or vagina.
  • Due to the strength required to keep each other in place, neither partner can easily incorporate hair-pulling, scratching and biting and may find their carnal urges difficult to satisfy!

The Amazon

Technique: Once captured and subdued, the Prey lies on their back and parts their legs. The Predator forcibly pushes the Prey’s knees to their chest before kneeling with their thighs over their butt. Bringing their feet together, the Predator supports their weight using their hands on the Prey’s chest. If the Predator has a vulva or vagina, they can sink down onto the Predator’s shaft. Predators who have a penis or are wearing a strapon can penetrate their Prey and start having primal fetish sex!


  • The Amazon is great for primal switches as both the vulva-haver and the penis-haver can take turns being the Predator and ravaging their Prey!
  • This position offers incredible G-spot and A-spot stimulation for the vulva-having partner while freeing up both partner’s hands – ideal if you want to try scratching, pulling, pinning and hair-pulling!


  • To pull off this position, the Prey will need good hip flexibility and strength to hold their knees in this position for any length of time. As primal folks reject props like rope, chains and straps that are common in other areas of the BDSM community, one solution is for the Predator to hold the shins of the Prey while they have sex. This isn’t too comfortable, so don’t forget the safe word!
  • The Amazon is challenging for the Predator too as they’ll need to have quite flexible hips to sink down this low while they are having sex. One solution – albeit not very in keeping with the primal vibe – is to place a small cushion or pillow under the Prey’s lower back. A true primal dom would just soldier through the pain, however!

The Turtle

Technique: The Prey kneels down with their butt resting on their heels and their knees touching their chest. The Predator grabs their Prey’s hair and pushes their face into the floor while roughly scratching their back. The Predator then kneels behind their Prey’s butt and rocks forward onto their hands, placed either side of the Prey’s thighs. The Predator thrusts into the prey (with their shaft or strapon) and begins enacting their deepest carnal desires!


  • The Turtle is one of the best sex positions for primal fetish sex as it puts the Prey in a completely submissive position that the Predator will find it easy to control using minimal effort. With the Prey unable to take an ‘active’ role, the Predator can make the position even stricter by pinning the Prey’s hands behind their back!
  • This position is a great option for Preys who find conventional doggy style is too painful for their knees or lower back. The Predator will love the erotic vista of watching their shaft thrust into the Prey’s body.


  • Although the Turtle position is an easier, gentler version of Doggie Style, the Predator needs to be mindful of breathing difficulties that the Prey may experience in this position.
  • For Predators who lack hip and leg flexibility, deep thrusting may be challenging in this position. You may need to place your hands under the Prey’s thighs and lift them slightly to get the perfect angle!


If you were curious about primal fetish and wanted to know how to get started, hopefully this guide has answered all your questions! From play-fighting to wrestling, scratching, biting and primal sex, I’ve covered it all in this entertaining guide!

Although this guide may seem comprehensive, I’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible with Primal fetish! As you start to explore for yourself, you’ll discover a universe of new sexual experiences and possibilities, and are guaranteed to discover new aspects about your own and your partner’s personality and sexuality as you start your primal journey!

If you have any comments or questions, give me a shout out in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them!