Pool Play & Water Sports | Ins and Outs of Pool & Water Sex

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Say “Water sports” to the average person, and most might picture beautiful girls doing synchronized swimming, athletes playing water polo, or kids enjoying Marco Polo. A few may see Michael Phelps emerging from an Olympic pool with Gold medals. At the School of Squirt, however, the term takes on whole new connotations.

At the risk of muddying the waters, we’re speaking less about standard sports and games, and more about erotic Pool Sex. Such activities are not limited to any one location; surveys show that many people are at least curious to attempt sex in the pool, Jacuzzi, hot-tub and shower. Studies report that pool sex is “a common sexual fantasy” which many adventurous sexual connoisseurs have tried.

Sidenote: To avoid any confusion, “Water Sports” is also a popular search on most adult sites, but that is an entirely different article, best saved for another time.

Start by dipping the toe in

There’s something very appealing about getting a bit “dirty” in a clean, private, water-themed venue. If bashfulness or inhibitions are deterring you from exploring this new prospect, there are several options ranging in level of daring. These include:

Morning sex in the shower

Can be discussed with a mate beforehand, or passionately initiated as a surprise. Best of all, the risk is minimal if done in the privacy of your home. Should you wish to explore more, there are a range of sensual, water friendly toys which can add to the play.

Romantic Hotel Bathtub/Jacuzzi sex

The slightly more sensual equivalent to the erotically charged shower quickie. A tub big enough to comfortably hold partners can serve as the venue, but also atmosphere; setting the mood with candles, essential oils, flower petals, soft music, drinks and fluffy towels can up the romantic vibe and turn a normal tub into a scene for seduction

Bonus tip: Many women love the inherent feel of pampering of a long soak or bath, as it adds to their relaxation.

Skinny dipping

Sort of “naughty teen dream,” but the indirect sexual nature of the adventure is part of the appeal. Boldly getting naked (with other sexy bodies you may want to get closer to) and being a little silly can lower shyness. The prospective fun and daring with others will get endorphins going…and perhaps even embolden you to approach an equally uncovered crush in a lake, pond, or the beach.

A Sauna

Turning up the heat in the steam room can maintain the overall added kinkiness of sex in water, without some of the downsides (more on those later). However, as most saunas are not private spaces, this requires both more planning, and a bit more audacity to attempt.


Breaking the Surface…

Those are just a few aspects on how to build up to Pool Sex; from Jacuzzis to inflatable travel pools, you have a plethora of play options. Add in toys, games, inside and outside spaces, and it expands beyond simple pool sex prelims.

Keep an open sexual mind and a willing partner, and you’ll see there is a wonderful world of water sex to explore. S.o.S. Sexbite: The Kama Sutra, has had positions and rituals involving water play for centuries! An entire section speaks to “Uniting in Water”.

This is Corona time, so taking all health precautions—-sexual, and otherwise— is essential. As such, we’ll cover some initial safety tips and cautionary examples for you to remember. Then we can pool our resources (no pun intended) and provide details on some fun ideas for private pool playtime.

Though they will be the main focus, these tactics don’t just apply to pools; an overview of the Pros, Cons, practices, limitations, possibilities and viabilities of sex in various venues of water will be touched on. From Swim Fin Starter to Pool Sex Pro, don’t worry; SoS has got you covered…well, figuratively speaking!

Water Safety 101

I know for most red-blooded males when the prospect of a hot, horny, unadorned female form pops up, well….so do other things. Due to the, ahem…. urgency of these urges, we can all get a little careless sometimes, maybe toss caution to the wind. A savvy sexual sophisticate, however, makes sure to study up beforehand, and does what they can to keep their Frisky Free For all risk-free for all involved. The basic tips to keep in mind are:

1. There’s no need to rush. You can start slow, using any of the other locations mentioned above, before progressing to actual pool sex.

2. Private pools, showers, and hot tubs provide a lot more safety and security (and less planning or possible embarrassment) than those in public spaces.

3. Water washes away a woman’s natural lubricant, so have one (preferably silicone based) ready for use.

4. Unless you own it, this is not the suggested space for elongated lovemaking. Stick to quickies for pool sex, whenever possible.

5. While condoms may not be the sexiest “Wet suit,” take all necessary precautions to avoid pregnancy and STI transmission. Note, however, that in water, condoms can be prone to slipping off if you’re not careful.

SoS Sexbite Special Note: Be extra careful utilizing public or heavily frequented spaces due to COVID-19. Coronavirus can exist on some surfaces for several days, especially wet exteriors. While it won’t stay this way forever (hopefully), currently STI’s aren’t the most virulent things we need to be conscious of guarding against.

When Wetter ISN’T better…

We covered the safety basics for pool sex, but this terrain comes with its own unique challenges. For us ladies, the three main issues you should be most careful of (lubrication, irritation, and infection) center around vaginal health. So, keep in mind:

Water isn’t Lube

As stated before, water in a pool will likely rinse away any natural wetness a woman produces; many women may already experience this during foreplay in the shower or bath. This can be mitigated by using silicone-based lubricants, which do not dissipate in water. Having some on hand will make the experience much more fun.

Pool water isn’t pH friendly

Depending on the level of chlorine and other chemicals used, the water may seriously aggravate sensitive female genitalia, even with the use of lube. Those same chemicals which kill bacteria and algae in public pools aren’t exactly ‘pals’ to a girl’s pH balance.

There may be friends you don’t want in there

Just like the foot baths at a nail salon, if a pool or jacuzzi has not been properly chlorinated or sanitized, there is a risk of getting bladder or skin infections from microbes in the water. These can lead to UTIs, so be extra sure to urinate and wash up afterwards.

Post-pool party, wash and dry

No, men do not get off free, either. Current research is linking chlorine and other common chemicals labelled as ‘endocrine disruptors’ to lower levels of testosterone in men.’

One 2011 CCN article stated that “Swimming in indoor, chlorinated pools during childhood was shown to reduce levels of serum inhibin B and total testosterone in men,” and that “the highly permeable scrotum allows chlorine to be absorbed into the body”. Considering the important role testosterone plays in sex drive, guys should be careful to cleanse their skins of excess chlorine as soon as they get out of the pool, even if sex wasn’t part of their in-water play.

Aqua-Man, Ariel, and Aquatic Arousal

The very idea of pool sex… fun in any kind of water, actually… is thrilling for some people. For others, it’s the delight of being outdoors or in public. Either way, it can offer some much-needed variety to a “too comfortable” sex routine. Some folks are a bit anxious at the thought of pressing sexual boundaries, though; if you are one of them, don’t worry.

There are several ways to slowly include water play. Full-on pool sex doesn’t have to be the goal; if in public in-water intercourse is still a bit intimidating, why not try a little clandestine pool foreplay instead? Not only is this less demanding, but the water will serve to increase the slickness of fingers on skin, enhancing tactile sensitivity. A good start is using play to up the heat in the bath and shower at first. Couple bath-play can increase bonding, while building up mutual courage before you take it to a more open wet space.

Guys, have you ever washed a girl’s hair? I mean really taken the time to shampoo it and let the suds slide all over her form? Combine this with gentle head massage. Not only is it an act of pampering; for some women it is highly erotic.

Experiment with a removable showerhead to spritz, spray, pulse, tease and massage her sensitive areas, including her nipples, under boob, belly button, labia, anus and clitoris.

Guys don’t have to be left out; ladies can use a good loofa, scrub brush, body wash and massager to stimulate his skin in various ways, knead tired muscles and sensuously pamper him.

S.o.S. Sexbite: “Slippery When Wet” is shower foreplay for shy girls. Cuddling your partner from behind, use the slickness of the soapy water to masturbate/massage his shaft and other areas. Caress his testicles; finger his butt; delicately stimulate his glans with your fingertips. When you get more confident, then transition this activity to a swimming pool; she can slip her hand into his shorts to tease his tool until he climaxes. If this is done skillfully, nobody else around may suspect a thing!

Primal Pool Positions

Given the variables of time, privacy, and personal preference, most basic sex positions can be used in water scenarios. Assuming however, that you wish to attempt sex in an actual pool at some point, then speed, privacy and secrecy will be considerations. I suggest sticking to a few proven Go-to positions… at least until you get good at pool sex.

Standing Missionary

To paraphrase Dr. Alex Comfort on standing positions, “The Traditional upright is a quickie,” and “best undertaken against a solid object such as a wall”. In his book, The Joy of Sex, he notes that these postures can be “executed in water to make her weightless; there’s even an entire section on bathing. She can wrap her legs around his waist for stability, depth control and clit stimulation; he can grind and thrust against her, supporting her by her thighs (in shallow water), or the arms if they are a bit deeper. If she’s against the wall, he has more control with his arms; if he’s against the wall, she can push against it with her feet.

Rear entry

Not as intimate, but in many ways equally hot. Can be done easily, at various depths (both partners submerged up to their shoulders; on the pool steps; with most of her body being out of the water and bent over the side of the pool). Water above abdomen level generally allows for the unique experience of her raising her legs up to wrap around his back in a “weightless wheelbarrow” posture; while very sexy, this is apt to pump her full of water. Sticking closer (belly-to-back) as opposed to long-stroking permits more sensuous grinding, with him controlling her hips. The wall gives the woman something to push her palms against; entering her from behind allows the man to stimulate her G-spot, and also reach around to stroke her clitoris.

Pro Tip: As a sanitary measure, save any anal play for outside of the pool.

Less Recommended: Any Girl on Top position- Though suggestive, fun, and even romantic, this is not a position to use for quick sex. Other drawbacks include seeming conspicuous in public, and reduced field of view (hey, somebody needs to be on the lookout!) This can be more easily used in a body of water like the ocean, but is also liable to push more water into the vagina. Recommended only if you are assured of complete privacy.

Oral sex

This is a novelty, highly arousing for him as foreplay, and can be a fun testament to a woman’s breath control, as she is literally going under while she is going down. It’s somewhat hard to reciprocate on female genitalia under water.

Getting down to Diving in…

Pool/Shower/Bathtub/Hot-Tub sex, can be incredibly exciting just for the novelty it offers. Remember though: this action is not happening on a bed, sofa, table-top, or counter, so it comes with some unique physical challenges (especially if you have to beat a hasty retreat for any reason). Water is denser than air, so while it helps in supporting the weight of you and your partner, it can be a bit tricky for some people to position in. Here are a few practical tips to keep in mind:

This play can be physically taxing, especially for the more “active” partner. For some women, their muscles can be worked just from holding on to the edge of the pool (or supporting their weight partially in a slippery shower or tub.)

If you are new to this exploit, try to keep it to a quickie, especially in any public spaces. Do foreplay beforehand, forget the extras (unless a toy, like a water-proof vibrator, will feed your speed), and be as surreptitious as possible.

SoS Sexbite: If the guy holds off from getting off for a few days before hand, this will add to both of your anticipations and hasten the moment “eruption”.

Let the water do some of the work. Being lighter in the water, it’s often easier to hold a partner up in various positions, but this usually only applies when the water level hits chest height. To that point…

Go deep enough into the pool for buoyancy to keep you afloat and hide you from view, but not so deep where water sloshes into your nose and mouth.

Try to avoid deep thrusting, as this can pump water into the vagina and wash away her natural juices, making the act harder. Instead: ladies, try to grind or roll your clit against him when face to face (see Standing Missionary), or rub it yourself while in Rear Entry.

WET PLAY WARNINGS! Details you need to keep in mind

Before heading to your nearest water park to make a memory, understand that this adventure can be… risky. This isn’t to say it can’t or shouldn’t be done…but it’s always good note that “Sorry, sir; we just got caught up in the moment!” didn’t work with your parents, so it probably won’t work in a court.

Temperature can have an effect, and tolerances vary. For some folks, cold water is stimulating; it can invigorate the senses, raise heart rate and quicken blood flow, but for some guys it can stimmy erections and cause the balls to draw into the body. Water that is too hot, by contrast, can bring blood closer to the skin, relax muscles and increase sensitivity, but can also cause overheating and blood rushes to the head…

Even non-chlorinated water can irritate certain areas. For when the urge to merge in a lake, the ocean, or a salt-water pool hits you. While chlorine and other cleaning agents are the usual prime suspects, according to some doctors, salt water especially can lead to abrasions and worse for some people. For home baths: adding bubbles, bath salts, or oils to the water may increase the risk of developing a urinary tract infection in females.

H2O by itself just doesn’t really do the sexual lubrication job very well. In mild cases, pure water can dry out the vulva, causing irritation to arise from increased friction. There are a few extreme cases, however, where the water itself will simply unbalance a woman’s natural alkalinity. Though women tend to be more subjected to this than men, it’s still something partners of both genders should keep in mind and be careful of.

There can be consequences if you are caught. Most public pools tend to discourage patrons from doing sexy play (the same goes for most places with hot tubs and saunas). While the risk elevates the reward, be aware of exactly what you may be risking; this ranges from public shame and being asked to leave the premises, to legal charges.

They will arrest you in some places. In 2019, one Michigan couple visiting Ohio’s Kalahari Resort was caught by a lifeguard having sex in the hot tub. It ended with them trying to escape Police and being charged with misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. Any form of public sex can be a thrill, and several resorts, hotels, health clubs and other venues with pools are aware of the attraction. For safety (and shame’s) sake, though, try to keep your pool play private.

You can break Rules even outside of the pool. If you think the beach is safer…think again. “Of course, it’s illegal to have sex on the beach, but I always catch people doing it in the water” one anonymous New Jersey lifeguard revealed in a 2011 article. “I always blow the whistle and put a stop to it, not just because it’s illegal. It’s a decency thing.” Many couples try to bypass this by either finding a secluded spot. or taking advantage of the off hours.

Water Sex at the beach has its own issues: This may (no promises here) neutralize the onlookers and lifeguard problems, but remember that in the ocean, there are other variables that can change very quickly (weather, currents, shifting tides, deep and shallow spots, unpredictable waves, etc). Sex in the sea can offer the excitement of water and nature, but it’s very different than a pool. If you deem to do the deed there, be careful and make safety, not secrecy or sex, the top priority.

Lakes are calmer, but still have challenges: While you shouldn’t need to worry about waves or chlorine at an inland lake or pond, still be careful, as there maybe germs or bacteria in the water.


Sex in water has been a common human activity for centuries, so there are hundreds of practices and ideas built around it. This little primer doesn’t cover everything, but hopefully, it will get you started.

Now, go get your water wings, and have some fun!

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