Ayuvedic massage with oils

The Orgasmic Potential Massage

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You might not have expected massage to be an advanced orgasm technique, or even a technique at all, but it is perhaps the most important of the things you can do to get a girl squirting consistently and easily.

Now obviously this technique doesn’t apply to a woman who you won’t be a regular sexual partner with because the massage sessions need to be carried out regularly over a period of 2-3 months to be fully effective.


OP stands for ‘orgasmic potential,’ and the massage is designed to release her full orgasmic potential. This will allow her to squirt very quickly and very easily.

It will most importantly induce the flow of sexual energy all throughout her body giving her truly ‘full body orgasms.’

Having mastered this technique your girl will now be able to have multiple, full body, squirting orgasms. Don’t underestimate just how effective the OP massage is, and how much pleasure it will bring to your woman in the long term.

This massage is designed to remove the tension spots that inhibit the flow of sexual energy throughout the woman’s body and reduce her orgasmic potential.

Many, if not most woman have drastically reduced orgasmic potential because of the unnatural stress and tension of modern life, poor dietary habits and sedentary lifestyles.

Massage is the fastest way to remove the tension spots and restore the flow of sexual energy. Women who regularly overeat, lack exercise, lead stressful lifestyles and are out of touch with their body will need more sessions than women who lead more healthy lives.


A quick way to find out if a woman is more likely to be able to squirt quickly and easily is to look for the squirter dimples. Many healthy women have them.

If they don’t this will be a sign that potentially a lot of work is needed to make her fully orgasmic, including change of diet and regular extended massage sessions.

Given this, let’s now progress into exactly what is the OP massage and how to do it.

On her front

  • Shoulders and neck
  • Under the shoulder blade (as she exhales deeply)
  • Down the back
  • On the top of the buttocks (she will give you feedback about the exact location on her buttocks)
  • On her back
  • Just below the collar bone (as she exhales)
  • At the top of the breast
  • On the bottom of the breast
  • Under the bottom of the rib cage
  • The V at the top of the pubic bone
  • Along the inside of the upper thigh in line with the vagina

The blue patches of the body indicate the most important areas that need to be massaged.

These are the usual tension spots for women and they must be unblocked to release her full orgasmic potential.

Depending on the factors we discussed beforehand she might need 10 – 15 2 hour massage sessions, over a period of 2 – 3 months.

Some woman who do yoga, for example, eat healthy, regularly detox physically and emotionally will need much less sessions to reach their full orgasmic potential.

On the other end of the spectrum women who have ‘let themselves go’ will need more.

Regular massage oil works well, but grape-seed oil is probably the best option, being easily available, cheap, good for the skin, an excellent lubricant, and both good for massage and the squirting method.