Lesbian Squirting 101: How Lesbians Can Make Each Other Squirt!

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You’ve heard of squirting before – it’s hot, wet, and EROTIC! But what exactly is it and how can you do it?

This guide will teach you the SECRET tricks and techniques that you can use to make yourself or your partner squirt…tonight! We’ll help you unravel the mysteries of vaginal ejaculation and show you how to make your other half squirt like never before, or for the first time!

Our step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, no matter your level of experience. Best of all, you’ll be able to put what you learn into practice right away – and see some INCREDIBLE results! Whether you’re a squirting virgin or just curious, this guide will show you everything you need to know to make vaginal squirting part of your loving, lesbian relationship.

What is squirting?

If you’re not a natural squirter, you’d be forgiven for wondering what on earth squirting is. You probably have a million questions about this mysterious way that the vagina responds to being stimulated, such as:

  • What is it?
  • Where does it come from?
  • Is it urine?
  • What counts as squirting?
  • And, most importantly, can everyone do it?

While the scientific research into the medical marvel known as ‘squirting’ is scant, the most comprehensive study to date was conducted by a team of researchers at a French hospital led by Samuel Salama. This paper, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, clearly outlined the differences between ‘squirting’ and ‘female ejaculation’ – two terms that are often used interchangeably despite referring to very different processes. Squirting, it concluded, was squirting is “the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity”.

While this study attracted criticism for its limited sample size of just seven volunteers, the data showed that the liquid expelled during squirting isn’t just urine. Test results showed that the squirted substance contained high levels of prostate-specific androgen (PSA) which wasn’t present in urine samples taken before the tests. PSA is created by the Skene’s gland, aka. the female prostate, and passes to the bladder before being excreted.

Female anatomy clitoral stimulation

Although there have been several other studies that suggest female ejaculate doesn’t contain urea, it’s safe to say that squirting isn’t just peeing – but neither is it ejaculation, despite the frequency with which it is referred to as such.

While squirting is often commonly referred to as “female ejaculation” this is wrong in a number of ways. For starters, it’s not just “females” who can squirt – anyone with a vagina can do it, regardless of their gender identity! Secondly, squirting doesn’t just happen when a person climaxes – it can happen before, during or after an orgasm, or just on its own with no climax at all! Labeling squirting as an ‘ejaculation’ sometimes leads people to believe that a ‘squirting orgasm’ the BEST orgasm a person with a vagina can experience, but it isn’t.

So, the million-dollar question; can everyone with a vagina squirt? YES! Squirting isn’t one of those simple things that most people can’t do like twitching your nose or folding your tongue in half. Squirting is a perfectly natural response to stimulation that everyone with a vagina is capable of experiencing. Some people squirt easily, while others need a specific technique or position, but with the right mindset and techniques, everyone CAN do it!

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What does squirting feel like?

Many people discover they can squirt while masturbating in the shower. It’s warm. It’s STEAMY. And with plenty of warm water running everywhere, it’s BOUND to happen! So why is squirting so little-understood? The main reason is that the need to squirt feels quite a lot like the need to pee.

Most people with vaginas experience this feeling and attribute it to being just that – an urge to pass water. Some people even experience squirting without knowing what it is and just assume that the fluid is either water or pee. Some people go into denial and dismiss what even happened.

Many people have experienced the sensation of needing to pee during the throes of masturbation and have simply tried to ignore this or block it out. After all, if the feeling builds too much, you can just stop masturbating and go pee, right? But if you try to release that feeling, instead of holding back, that’s where the magic happens…

Squirting doesn’t feel like urinating, it feels different but oh so good! Once you start, you can’t just hold it in or stop. It usually happens before an orgasm and often leads to DEEPLY SATISFYING orgasms!

3 squirting myths that you’ve probably heard

Squirting is a subject that’s surrounded by plenty of misinformation and misconceptions. Before we get to the ‘how-to’ advice that you’ve all been waiting for, it’s worth addressing three of the most common myths head-on before we ‘open the floodgates’ and discuss exactly how to squirt!

Myth 1. Squirting is just urine

As confirmed by the French study, the liquid excreted during squirting is a water-like fluid containing high levels of the antigen PSA and is different from the vaginal fluid produced when a person is aroused. PSA is produced whenever a person’s Skene’s glands are stimulated. It is collected and stored in their bladder until it is squirted out.

The Skene’s glands are made of the same cells as the male prostate, and are responsible for the high levels of PSA detected in squirting fluid. Roughly speaking they are the equivalent of a prostate gland for people with vulvas and are located around the lower end of the urethra on the vagina’s upper wall. These special glands funnel PSA into the bladder, the urethra and the tissue near the urethral opening. If you want to help your woman squirt, you need to focus your attention firmly on this unique part of her anatomy!

Myth 2. Squirting is an orgasm

If a person squirts, it DOESN’T mean that they’ve just experienced the BEST ORGASM OF THEIR LIFE. Squirting usual happens prior to orgasm and doesn’t even mean that the sex is particularly great or that the person is ‘nearly there’. If you believe that squirting is the pinnacle of sexual fulfillment – sorry to break it to you but it isn’t! If your girlfriend squirts during sex, it doesn’t mean she had the best sex ever or that she found it particularly enjoyable.


Squirting does lead to EARTH-SHATTERING orgasms and can coincide with climaxing! Using the tips and techniques in this guide, we’ll show you EXACTLY how to make your partner squirt… TONIGHT! We’ll teach you specific moves and the correct timings that will help you give your girlfriend the climax of her life!

Myth 3. There’s ONE way to squirt

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no SINGLE way that makes EVERY woman squirt! Just as there’s no one, single way that makes everyone orgasm, every person is different and responds to touch in different ways. Some people respond best to clitoral stimulation through masturbation, cunnilingus, or even showering. Others respond to a combination of vaginal penetration (with G-spot stimulation) AND clitoral stimulation. Anal penetration is also another exciting approach that can lead to some incredible squirting action!

Now that we’ve busted these three common squirting myths, it’s time to learn exactly how to make your girlfriend squirt!

How to get her in the mood to squirt

Squirting can be part of any loving lesbian relationship and can lead to, or coincide with, some UNBELIEVABLY great orgasms for you and your partner! In this section, you’ll learn our unique four-step process along with some mind-blowing tips and techniques that will help you get your partner in the right mood to squirt.

If you want to help your partner squirt, here’s what to do…

  • Discuss squirting with your partner
  • Choose the right location
  • Use words and phrases that turn her on
  • Sexually tease her

Let’s go!

Discuss squirting with your partner

Before trying ANY of the techniques in this guide with your partner, you need to have an open and frank discussion about squirting. Talking about sex can be awkward and difficult and even more so with a delicate and sensitive topic like squirting. Be honest with your partner about why you want to try squirting.

Is it something that you saw in porn and want to experience in real life? (if so, be aware that more squirting in porn is faked!). Is it something your partner is open to trying? Are they interested in experimenting too?

You have to respect the fact that your partner may feel differently and may not view squirting as a normal and regular part of having sex. That’s okay! There are plenty of ways to have sex and you should never pressure your partner into trying squirting if they aren’t comfortable with it. Talking about this stuff can be hard for obvious reasons but it’s okay to not be okay with squirting!

If your partner is curious to find out more about squirting, then having a discussion is one of the best ways to prepare for squirting. Talking about likes and dislikes and sexual desires is a great way to help your partner remove any mental stressors and barriers that are holding her back from experiencing an amazing new sexual experience like squirting!

Choose the right location

Helping your partner squirt requires a safe, comfortable space. Some couples swear by shower sex and there’s a strong case to be made for squirting in the shower as the clean-up is super-simple! However, shower sex isn’t everyone’s cup of tea so you may want to take things to the bedroom. Create a relaxing atmosphere by dimming the lights, lighting some aromatherapy candles and putting together a bedroom playlist, if that’s your thing.

As we mentioned, squirting is mostly urine and things are going to get MESSY! If you don’t own one, buying a mattress protector is a great idea. This will help your partner feel comfortable with the idea of ‘releasing’ when she squirts without worrying about drenching the bed. That way, if your partner’s squirt turns out to be more like a fire hose than a dribble, at least you don’t have to worry about spending the next week drying out the mattress!

By the way, my BEST tips for choosing the right mattress protector aren’t here, they’re in my COMPLETE GUIDE TO BONDAGE SEX – check it out now!

Use words and phrases that turn her on

The BIGGEST foreplay mistake that most couples make is starting to touch themselves before they feel turned on. To get your partner in the mood and help prepare them for some toe-curling squirting action, you need to use specific words and phrases that they can’t help but get turned on by!

Using suggestive, emotive language that’s flirty and makes your partner HOT isn’t difficult. You simply need to mix some sensuality with your sexuality and say the right things at the right times.

You can complement your partner by saying; “That (dress) looks amazing on you” which IMMEDIATELY lets them know that you’re thinking how good they look fully naked.

You can ask suggestive questions such as “Do you want a foot massage, a pussy massage, or both?” Or, you can directly tell your partner what you want to do with them by saying, “I’m going to eat you out now; don’t even think about returning the favour!”

Sensual and sexy language is the BEST way to prepare your partner for the squirting that awaits them!

Sexually tease her

While you can just whip out a vibrator and boring down on your partner’s clitoris, a better approach is to give them a slow and sensual body or foot massage with their favourite massage oil. Focus on their HOTTEST erogenous zones such as the nape of their neck, their pubic mound, their inner thighs, and the soles of their feet.

As your roaming hands approach their vulva, use some luscious water-based lube that will make your fingers feel super-soft and irresistible on their skin. This will make your partner horny even if they didn’t initially feel like making love!

If you want your girlfriend to become so wet that they literally EXPLODE with pleasure, you need to sexually tease them to ecstasy. Choose a comfortable sex position such as spooning, as this will give you plenty of options for exploring your girl’s body. Lie down facing each other and move your dominant hand towards her groin.

An intimate, facing position like spooning is great for kissing, hugging and caressing your girlfriend! This increase your levels of the ‘bonding’ hormone oxytocin, helping you and your partner feel more connected. But instead of heading straight for their clitoris, you need to TEASE their clit until they are just BEGGING for you to touch them!

If you want to learn the ULTIMATE technique for sexually teasing your partner, it’s called ‘Cupping’ and it’s guaranteed to drive her WILD!

To build pleasure in your partner’s body, apply some lube around their vulva and cup your wet fingers over the top. This provides exquisite indirect stimulation that will send her pleasure levels through the roof. Do this right and she’ll start writhing around with pleasure and maybe even start THRASHING until you give her more!

The second technique is called the ‘Two-finger Twirl’. Start with your index and middle fingers to either side of your partner’s clitoris. Apply a fair amount of pressure and start moving your fingers around in small circular motions. This ONE SIMPLE MOVE will send shivers down your girl’s spine (look for how much they arch their back!). Focus on how deeply they are breathing as you do this and look out for non-verbal clues that they are enjoying themselves!

As you sexually tease your partner, continue to fondle her favorite erogenous zones and whispering sweet nothings (or HOT DIRTY somethings!) into her ear – she’ll LOVE it! Once you’ve followed these four steps in order, your girlfriend should be in the right frame of mind to squirt. If you’re ready to discover what’s next, keep reading!

How to pleasure her clit to make her squirt

After building your partner’s arousal levels and sexually teasing her to within an inch of her life, it’s time to try the fun stuff and make her squirt! While there’s no one, single technique that will work for everyone with a vagina, we’ll show you three little-known ways that you can use to make your girlfriend squirt…tonight! You’ll want to experiment with all three of these techniques until you find one (or a combination of moves) that works for YOUR partner!

1. Finger her clit and Skene’s glands

Some folks find that their clitoris is TOO SENSITIVE to be touched directly while other people LOVE it! Strong clitoral stimulation is especially great for women who don’t like to be penetrated vaginally. If having her clit rubbed is your partner’s JAM and you want to make her squirt, here’s what to do!

Put plenty of lube on your index finger and start stroking up and down on her clitoris. The lube will make your fingertips glide and feel incredible. Start at the top of the clitoral hood and stroke downwards across her labia before returning to the top.

When she’s squirming and ready for more, use your index and middle fingers to gently part her labia, giving you access to her Urethra and her Skene’s gland. Repeat the soft, stroking up-and-down motion over this sensitive area until she’s WRITHING with pleasure!

As you do this, pay close attention to how she responds. If she’s moaning, squirming and saying “Yes! MORE!” you know you’re on the right track! But if your partner is the quieter type, look for non-verbal clues such as how deeply she is breathing, how much she’s moving and whether she’s arching her back or curling her toes. Sexual arousal is often translated unconsciously, so pay as much attention to her physical responses as to her verbal cues!

This gentle up-and-down motion will help to excite her Skeen’s glands and create the PSA fluid that will be ejected when she squirts!

What to do when she’s about to squirt

Tell your partner that if she starts feeling like she needs to pee, she should just release it instead of holding back! Keep going with the same pressure, speed and motions – DON’T stop, slow down or speed up. Keep your fingers honed in on your girl’s clit until she feels confident and comfortable enough to let go. Direct clitoral stimulation is one of the most popular techniques for women to experience squirting for the first time, so try it and see!

If you want to learn my BEST fingering techniques, they’re in my ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FINGERING – check it out!

2. Get buzzy

If fingering your girlfriend’s clit and Skene’s glands doesn’t make her squirt, it’s time to get buzzy with your favourite vibrator. Personally, this is my FAVOURITE way to make myself squirt! Sending powerful external vibrations through my clit and Skene’s glands makes me squirt absolute buckets! Your girlfriend will LOVE IT – trust me!

Before we get into the ‘how-to’, a word about vibrators. Although you can use almost any type of vibrator and get good results, if you want to make your partner squirt then there’s really no better way to do this than with a wand vibrator!

Forget vibrating eggs, bullet vibes, and even rabbit vibes, wand vibrators are the BOMB! It literally blows my mind how many times women tell me they “Can’t squirt” and then look clueless when I ask them if they’ve tried vibing themselves with a wand vibrator. These large HEAVY-DUTY vibes, like the Hitachi Magic Wand, stimulate the entire clitoral complex and feel like putting your entire vulva into a full-body massage chair! They hit everything, including the clit, the G-spot AND the Skene’s glands – at the same time!

To make your girlfriend squirt with a wand vibrator, you need to apply lashings of water-based lube and then press the head of the vibe onto her clit – hard! Don’t underestimate the amount of pressure that it takes to get the right results – just go for it! Women will respond differently to certain movements. Some girls love it if you just HOLD the vibe on their clit, so definitely try that first. This will send delightful vibrations rushing through her vulva and send her Skene’s glands into overdrive. Some girls prefer small circular motions or short up and down movements but there’s no RIGHT or WRONG way to vibe your partner – just experiment and do what feels best for them!

Start on the lowest vibrator setting and then slowly increase until the vibrations make their way down to your partner’s vulva. What this is actually doing is stimulating your woman’s Skene’s glands to start producing the fluid that will drain into her bladder and urethra. The wand vibe is also penetrating deep down into your girl’s extensive internal clitoral network. This network is roughly five inches long and comprises two networks of ‘legs’ that run under the labia. A wand vibe is IDEAL for stimulating these nerves and building excitement until your girl is ready to squirt.

What to do when she’s about to squirt

If – or rather when – your partner says they feel the need to pee, keep going! Tell them to relax and let the pressure build. They’ll probably feel nervous if it’s their first time but keep boring down on their vulva with the wand vibe until, like magic, squirting fluid comes gushing out of their body!

3. Eat her out

The third way to make your partner squirt is plain, old fashioned cunnilingus. However, there’s nothing plain about this CRAZY-SIMPLY technique that we’re about to teach you! It’s called the ‘Tongue Swirl’ and it’s a way of honing in on your partner’s clit and Skene’s glands with your entire tongue! The SECRET to making this move ADDICTIVE is the way that you keep your tongue as wide and as flat as possible and then rotate your HEAD.

Allow me to explain…

To transform your tongue into a powerhouse of sexual pleasure, you MUST stick it out and keep it flat. Tell your partner to lie on her back with her leg’s spread and apply plenty of lube all over her vulva. Using both of your index fingers spread her labia wide apart before pressing down on her clitoris and vulva with your entire tongue.

With her labia spread apart, your tongue can apply constant downward pressure on her urethra and her Skene’s glands. Keep your tongue static – don’t roll, lick or curl it at all – that’s essential. Instead, start making a small circular motion with your head and bore down on your partner’s clit and Skene’s glands with intensity and purpose!

The reason this works so well is that you can apply more PRESSURE and keep going LONGER because you’re using your neck muscles, and not relying on the strength of your tongue. This move almost guarantees that your girl’s Skene’s glands will start filling her urethra with PSA double-time and should definitely be enough to make her squirt!

What to do when she’s about to squirt

The one drawback of this technique is that your partner might be nervous about ejaculating in your face! Tell her to relax and not to fight the urge to pee, just let go. If she’s looking down at you, try looking her in the eyes and fondling her favourite erogenous zones like her breasts or tummy while you eat her out. When you come up for air, tell her how much it will turn it on if you can TASTE her squirt! She’ll love it and you’ll easily have her squirting in NO time!

To recap, any or ALL of these three techniques should help you make your woman squirt…tonight! Some folks squirt readily while others will need a specific technique or position but here’s the KEY takeaway:

Studies have shown that just 15 – 20 minutes of foreplay can DOUBLE the chances of a woman reaching orgasm! The same is true of squirting, which, whether it comes before, during or after an orgasm, always takes time! It might not be that your partner prefers ONE technique over another; it may just be that she needs the duration until she can squirt! Try mixing and matching these three techniques and keep going until she gets there!

The top 3 vaginal penetration techniques to try!

If you’ve done the sexual teasing and the foreplay right, you may be able to make your woman squirt using JUST your hands, tongue and a vibrator! However, some folks with vaginas NEED penetration to squirt. Why? The best way to stimulate the Skene’s glands is from the inside of the vagina.

Just like the male prostate, the Skene’s glands respond best to internal pressure and stimulation. As they are made from the same cells as the male prostate, and are in close proximity to the G-spot, the Skene’s glands LOVE vaginal stimulation. So if you’re looking to make your partner squirt, it’s best to venture inside!

For couples in a lesbian relationship, there are three main ways to do this; fingering, penetration with a sex toy, or a combination of both. Here are our three top tips for making your girl squirt.

1. Finger her G-spot

If your partner enjoys penetration, fingering is one of the best ways to encourage her to squirt. Her G-spot holds the key to making her SQUIRT like never before (or for the first time!). Why? The G-spot is actually the point where the vagina meets the apex of the clitoral structure. This sensitive spot two or three inches inside the vaginal canal is one of the best ways to excite your girlfriend’s clit and drive her towards squirting!

If you’re wondering why the G-spot is good for squirting, that’s because the cells of the Skene’s glands surround the G-spot so when you’re stimulating this special area, you’re actually exciting the Skene’s glands too! This sends plenty of PSA directly towards your woman’s urethra and bladder!

Curious about how to find her G-spot? I’ve got you. My Ultimate Guide to Giving Your Girlfriend a Shaking Orgasm contains precise instructions on finding your girl’s most sensitive area – check it out!

To make your partner squirm with pleasure you’ll need to try a combination of stroking, pressing and rubbing directly on her G-spot. This will excite her Skene’s glands and send them into overdrive! Almost all women who enjoy vaginal penetration absolutely LOVE it when their G-spot is stroked, pressed and rubbed. Your job is to find out which one of these combinations gets YOUR girl going and makes excited enough to SQUIRT!

Firstly, try running your fingertip over her G-spot repeatedly in short, gentle motions.

Next, alternate between stroking her G-spot and PRESSING directly on it. Hold your fingertip in place for a few seconds and then release it.

Thirdly, you can experiment with rubbing your partner’s G-spot in tiny circular motions, just like you did with her clit. This move is ESPECIALLY effective if you press down with your other hand on her pubic mound from outside!

The SECRET to making your woman squirt through G-spot stimulation is experimenting with all three techniques at different speeds and pressures. This will stimulate her Skene’s glands at the same time and make her squirt with ease!

What to do when she’s about to squirt

Just as you did when stimulating her clitoris, let your partner know that it’s okay if she needs to pee – just let the tension build and relax. Once you’ve found your partner’s preferred motion and pressure, keep going at the same speed and intensity until she releases and squirts!

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2. Use a sex toy

Your next option is to use a sex toy that’s specially designed to stimulate your partner’s G-spot and clitoris. As the cells of the Skene’s glands are packed so closely around the G-spot, these special vibes are PERFECT for making your girl squirt! If you’re using a silicone sex toy, just be sure to use a non-damaging water-based lube!

You can alternate between thrusting the toy in and out to mimic sex and simply holding the toy in one place. You can try the same thing with ANY vibrator and using the fingering or cunnilingus techniques we taught to earlier to double the pleasure.

Stimulate her G-spot and clitoris together

A sure-fire way to help your partner squirt is to stimulate their G-spot and clitoris at the same time. This is a great option if you don’t own a fancy vibrator that can do it for you!

Start by using your dominant hand to stroke, press and rub your girl’s G-spot from within. This will excite her Skene’s gland and help create plenty of squirting fluid. Use your other hand to finger her clitoris in their favorite way. You can also run your fingers down over her Urethra and her Skene’s glands. Using a combination of these approaches will power your partner towards the SQUIRT of her life (or her very first!).

If your partner LOVES powerful vibrations but it isn’t enough to make her squirt – THIS is the technique for you!

Hold the vibrator against her clitoris and then finger her G-spot with your other hand. If your partner prefers thrusting, you can switch things up and thrust into her with the vibrator while your fingers work their magic on her clit and Skene’s glands!

If you’re into strap-on dildos, this technique is one of the best ways to make her squirt! You can thrust into her using a position like the Cowgirl. As she rocks and grinds onto your strap-on, you can adjust the vibration intensity (if you have that option) and use your favorite vibe to stimulate her clit and Skene’s glands until she SQUIRTS!


Direct clit stimulation and penetration AREN’T for everyone. If your woman finds that her clitoris is too sensitive for direct contact, try holding the tip of the vibrator on the clitoris hood or to either side. Likewise, if she doesn’t get off on being penetrated, just focus on her clit with your fingers, tongue or a vibrator.

Anal penetration techniques guaranteed to make her squirt!

While anal sex is still niche and somewhat taboo, the age-old myth that receiving anal is only pleasurable for men (thanks to their prostate) has long been busted wide open. More and more folks with vulvas are waking up to the magical potential of backdoor action, in no small part thanks to research into the nature of female pleasure.

As they are made from the same cells as the male prostate, the Skene’s glands are increasingly being referred to as the female prostate. The wall between the anal canal and vaginal canal is thin enough to stimulate the G-spot via anal fingering or a variety of anal toys. If you want to make your girlfriend squirt, then anally stimulating her G-spot with your fingers or an anal toy such as anal beads or a butt plug will guarantee that her Skene’s glands get plenty of love!

Butt play also stimulates her A-spot or Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone. This is a special place at the back of her vagina, near her cervix, where her vaginal wall meets the internal structure of the clitoris. Anal toys like vibrating butt plugs are ideal for stimulating this sensitive area.

If you want to make your girlfriend squirt but neither of you has done butt stuff before, it can seem daunting. A good way to start is to indulge in some anilingus (oral sex on the anus) as this can help your girlfriend’s internal muscles (known as the external and internal sphincter) relax. Experiment with kissing, licking and tonguing your girlfriend’s anus while asking them what feels best.

Before you try penetrating your girlfriend anally, a word of caution. A particular group of internal muscles – known as their internal sphincter – aren’t under voluntary control. If you penetrate your partner before they are prepared, you may injure them – a huge no-no for ANY type of sex.

If you want to know EXACTLY how to prepare for anal sex, be sure to read my Comprehensive Guide to Preparing for Anal in which I present my TOP TIPS for doing just that!

One of the gentlest ways to begin anal play is by simply fingering your girlfriend’s ass while you eat her out. Unlike the vagina, the anus and anal canal do not self-lubricate so you’ll need to use lots of lube.

If you’re curious about anal fingering, you can learn my BEST anal fingering techniques including how to give ANAL ORGASMS by reading my full guide here!

When you’re ready to progress from anal fingering to anal toys, some of the smallest, gentlest anal toys to try are anal beads. They are tapered with the tiniest beads at their tip meaning that you can easily slip them into the tightest spaces without causing any pain or discomfort!

As you become experienced with anal beads and your partner relaxes, you use larger beads or move on to larger anal toys. This is especially fun if you have a vibrating toy like a butt plug! You can slip this into your girlfriend’s butt and then eat her out until she squirts! The TRIPLE WHAMMY of have her clit sucked while vibrations course through her G-spot and excite her Skene’s glands is GUARANTEED to make her squirt – try it and see!


If you were curious about lesbian squirting and wanted to know how to make your girlfriend squirt, hopefully this guide answered ALL your questions! From turning her on to eating her out and even fingering her ass, I’ve covered it all in this entertaining guide!

What worked for you? What did I miss? Let me know by leaving a question or comment below and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

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