Tsutsumi Hoang

Ready for some hot Nordic/Vietnamese fashion and lifestyle Insta-Goddess? Then check out smoking Tsutsumi H, Editor and co-founder of Candid That, a website devoted to the high life as Tsutsumi sees it. And all we see when we scroll through ‘Sue-Sue’s Insta-pages are one of the more incredibly beautiful women to walk the planet!

Raised in Norway and now rocking the world, TH is also a current face of L’Oreal Colorista and a fashion blogger/content creator as well. All we know is that with a package like hers, Oslo here we come!

And 187K Followers are right behind us- @xoxotsumi

Trinity Dang

​Got a taste for a tall, tasty, stacked and packed Suicide Blonde? We know we do, and Trinity Dang always makes us say…DAMN! TD started as an Import Car model and has since branched out to share her glory in photoshoots with Maxim, FHM and Esquire magazines.

Her Insta? Let’s just say it does NOT skimp on the skimpy bikini shots and we are ever so grateful for this Vietnamese California Girl and her bodacious bounty of femininity busting out of those lucky bikinis. Catch her while she’s blonde, ‘cuz it may not last long…

And about 351K Followers are all waiting for her next move- @trinitydang

April Joy

​We know we tend to focus on the more perhaps stereotypically slender model-types in the past, but here’s a different type of Asian Model Hottie for you. April is a slyly tatted fitness model who looks like the sexiest version of that hot girl you see working out at the gym all the time (the one who looks like she can run you into the ground).

Let’s just say AJ is fitness sound, and round in all the right places! If you like your gals a little more on the thick side of voluptuous then get with the joy of April.

12K Followers are already there @thejoyofapril

Molly Truong

​If you want to check out a banquet of beauty and a sexy blend of ethnicities, then Molly Tee is your Girl! MT is a Vietnamese/All-American model and entrepreneur with an intoxicating mix of just about every dash of ethnic sexiness there is, and it shows on her Insta.

Always exotic and casually erotic, Molly Tee has got it all: The Eyes, the Lips, the Body, the Legs, and more…

Good Golly Miss Molly! - @​majinmolly


​If you’re in the market for long, lean and lovely, then Nanao (full name- Arai, Nanao) is your supermodel Girl. Nanao-chan started off on the runway in Japan—and when you get a look at those legs you’ll see why—but quickly graduated to acting in popular TV and movie roles (Westerners may remember her as “Lady Jay” in 2013’s otherwise forgettable, “GI Joe: Retaliation”).

And while her Insta is a little shy on bikini pics, she does share just enough of her super tight and just right body to get us more than excited!

Us and about 2.4M Followers- @nanao_official

Ava Wong

​Looking for perfectly perfect GF material straight from Hong Kong? Then Ava is the moonlight pale, silky-skinned Girlfriend/Goddess you’ve been dreaming of my Friend. An actress/model and fashion blogger/influencer from HK, Ava looks like an incredibly innocent teen dream but is actually a savvy career girl with her eyes focused on the prize.

You have to look hard on her Insta—and we did—but she’s packing some sweet little dumplings in the back if you’ve got your eyes on her prize. (and we do)

And Ava has got around 312K Followers looking very closely- @avaw

Levy Tran

Do you like Good Girls who look BAD (or is that the other way around…)? Well, we’re not sure if LT is either—although we suspect she’s a bit of both—but she looks like a dream Angel/Devil Girl come to gorgeous, sexy and deliciously wicked life! You will undoubtedly remember this tattooed, Vietnamese, California Girl Goddess’ star-making turn as the flag girl in 2015’s “Furious 7”, and what can we say…? BOO-TAY BAY-BAY!

We don’t know if we wanna kiss it, lick it or smack it (OK…it’s all three), but we’re sure that Levy looks equally dee-lush-ish both coming and going!

And 232K Followers are watching from every angle- @hellofromlevy

Jojo von Southi

​If you like your Asian Hotties thick and juicy (and with plenty booty), then this Kansas native is the boom-boom Bombshell for you!

Yea, JJ may be from farm country, but this All-American Girl has grown up and taken the West Coast (and Insta) by storm with her tightly packed bombshell body that has extra helpings of everything you crave. Let’s face it; it just don’t get much more curvalicious than this sweet Asian treat.

And 8.3M (and rising) Followers are looking for a taste- @jojo_babie

Yuth Gan

​And let’s hear it from Malaysia. YG is a Malaysian model and fashion influencer that dropped her gorgeous face and figure into Insta and instantly made a big splash with her soulful eyes and sweet, slender sexiness.

A real globetrotting beauty with an adorable girl-next-door face that actually makes her seem more than approachable, we can’t wait to bump into YG in our world. We can dream anyway.

And 69.5K Followers are dreaming too- @yuthgan

Jennifer Nguyen

​This Vietnamese Vegan, Model/Dancer and all-around All-American girl has got it all. A sassy, fun, go-for-it attitude (check her spicy ramen video), a gorgeous smile that tempts you to distraction, and slammin’ body that don’t quit. Check her page because she is def NOT shy about sharing that action-packed body of hers in every way and from every angle. Va-Va-Va-BOOM BABY!

And yes, she just may be the current top-rated MILF on Insta (and yea, we do hope she wants another).

Just get in line behind 304K Followers- @jenniferngyuyen_love


​This smokin’ hot South Korean dish and makeup guru made her first international splash went she used her makeup wizardry to transform herself into Taylor Swift (check it, amazeballs), but we like her just the way she is!

A multi-talented beauty (makeup artist/fashion influencer/author) known for her trademark mane of pink locks and a…variety of eye colors to match, this artist (she’s also the stylist for K-Pop star CL) likes to play with her look, and we like all of them. Yes, we are saying that we def wanna ride on this Pony!

And 5.6M Followers do too- @ponysmakeup

Wanida Thermthanaporn

​We all know that some of the world’s most beautiful women are grown in Thailand and WT is one of their very finest products. An exquisite face that rests on some of the longest, finest legs we’ve ever seen, this Singer/model is a Major Thai singing Star so you may not be able to get any closer to her than her Insta, but she’s more than worth a look if you’re feeling like some delicious Thai!

And you know 1.5M Followers are feeling it too- @gysbzygirlyberry

Ming-Na Wen

​We know, we know, Chinese-American actress Ming-Na may be a tiny bit more mature than you’re expecting, but she’s just like fine wine- She keeps getting better with age! We’ve loved her work for a long time now—and loved looking at her even more—but we’re really crazy for her most recent TV incarnation as all-around Bad-ass, Agent May, on Marvel’s, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

And you know what? We love our ladies to have a little bit of experience when it comes to knowing what they want…and knowing how to get it. And Ming-na can get it!

755K Followers, and lovers of lovely ladies of all ages, feel the same- @mingna_wen

Zhu Keer

​When it comes to Instagram, we like those girls that truly understand how to display their…gifts to the world. And ZK knows how to work it like DAMN! This lovely and luscious Chinese reality TV star (Perfect Holiday) turned TV Star is a Pin-up Girl straight out of our horny teen wet dreams.

 Desperately cosplay cute and fantastically stacked like our horniest Adult-themed fantasy girl, ZK will have your eyes bugging out of your head (and some other thing popping out too) when you check her kooky, crazy and fun Insta.

Cosplay anyone? @officialzhukeer

Jenny Chu

​This All-American/Chinese model is all about action, and whenever we check her Insta we want all the JC action we can get! She’s got a dazzling smile to go along with her hard rocking body and a fearless attitude towards hardcore fun to top it all off.

We don’t know if we can actually keep up with Jenny when she’s globetrotting as a surfer, snowboarder and all-around daredevil, (check her pics for plenty of action shots) but that built-for-bikinis body of hers tells us that…we know we’re not gonna stop until we drop! And yea, there’s plenty of glorious bikini shots too…

80.4K Followers are down for the action too! - @iheartjennychu

Jennifer Tse

​This exquisitely elegant Model/Actress from Hong Kong makes us feel like heaven just accidentally dropped an Angel down to HK for us to worship. Strikingly beautiful and supernaturally sexy, JT has up lining up to see her film work wherever and whenever we can find it. Her Insta makes us want to be better (and richer) men so that we just might maybe have a shot.

Until then her most recent 2018 entry, HK action flick Europe Raiders, features the big screen version of her beauty and there’s only one problem we can see with this film... Not enough Jenny Tse Baby!

Check it at theaters near you, and check her Insta with her other 238K Followers- @jennifertsetingting

Liu Wen

​With over a billion citizens walking around China, we still can’t quite believe they managed to produce a breathtakingly beautiful, completely singular woman/work of art like model Liu Wen.

When women are this stunningly exotic, it’s just not fair to us ordinary, ugly, horny men who just don’t seem to stand a chance against her feminine perfection. But then we check her utterly charming and completely disarming smile on Insta…and we begin to dream again! Whatever it takes to bag a World-Class beauty like LW, we’re all IN!

Of course, we’re all in with around 4.1M Followers but…we can still dream! @liuwenlw


​We’ll be honest, we don’t know a lot about Korean fashion influencer and Instagram model Banana, but we checked out her shots and there’s one where she’s wearing a white lace thong and popping her rear view and…yes…we were and are hooked! And Brother, she looks like fun from every angle.

A gorgeous pixie face rocking on top of her svelte but very pleasingly curvy body, and she’s got a gleam in her eyes like she’s thinking of nothing but F-U-N! We’re not sure exactly where we should start to peel this Banana Girl, but we do know we’d love to start at any end and work our way to the other one. And take our time doing it too!

But, be warned, because it looks like 251K Followers got the same ideas- @bba_na_na

Soo Joo

​We don’t usually prefer our Asian beauties to go blonde, but then a unique specimen like Soo Joo comes along, and we throw all our preferences out the window. This Seoul, South Korean native, Supermodel and all-around catwalk gangster has got a look that so mind-blowingly cool and crazy that when we checked out her Insta, we knew we had to have it.

 An Official Ambassador for both Chanel and L’Oreal Paris, SJ has got the modeling world rocking and reeling. And those crazy fine legs of hers got us feeling all kinds of feelings that we can’t mention in front of the general public. And we got a feeling she’s as spicy as she looks on Insta.

Well, us and 554K Followers- @soojmooj

Yu Yamada

​The Land of the Rising Sun scores again with Model/Singer/Actress and super popular TV star, Yamada Yu. When it comes to Japanese entertainment Yu-chan has done it all and looked superfine while doing it! Originally a catwalk star capturing attention for her sexy face and gorgeous body for Tokyo’s CanCam, Yu-chan went on to capture hearts with her singing and then conquered J-TV as a popular, tarento.

The sweet sexy smile, the lusciously long legs, the entrancing eyes…yea…the always lovely Yu-chan is one sultry fantasy package put together like something from all of our dreams of a Good Girl during the day, and a bad Girl at night!

Tokyo, here we come! Right behind 1.2 Million of her Followers- @yu_yamada_

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