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Female G-Spot Orgasms – Your Ultimate Guide

Pleasing a woman in bed can seem like a tall order. After all, women are a bit mysterious when it comes to sex and aren’t always up front about telling you what they want, what they like and how best to please them.

As a result, many men think that giving a woman an earth shattering orgasm is pretty much impossible.

Until they learn about the G-Spot. When they first hear about it, they usually think it’s another marketing ploy dreamt up by magazine and advice gurus to sell books.

In fact, there’s even been some debate as to whether or not it exists.

But let me assure you, it does.

The G-Spot is named after Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist who spent most of his career studying and publishing papers of female physiology.

He theorized that there was essentially a female equivalent to the male’s prostate and that this area was located inside a woman’s vagina and, when stimulated, would result in powerful orgasms.

Doesn’t sound like there’s much room for debate, right? But, as with all scientific papers, the medical community viewed Gräfenberg’s with a fair bit of skepticism. Over the years, several studies have been conducted in order to establish whether or not the G-Spot actually exists.

While many women happily report that it does indeed, the medical community points out that plenty of women insist it doesn’t. The difference between these groups is that the studies ask for women to self-report the existence of their G-Spot and, to be fair, it’s not exactly easy to find.

G-Spot – Location, Location, Location

The G-Spot doesn’t have a prime location in terms of being easy to find and stimulate. When a woman wants to find her own G-Spot she has to insert her finger into her vagina with her palm up so that she can crook her fingers and press against the anterior wall.

Essentially that means making the ‘come here’ motion with her fingers in order to locate the spot. The area of the G-Spot is a spongy-feeling spot that lines up almost perfectly with the location of her clitoris on the exterior part of her vagina.

So it’s no wonder that men have a hard time stimulating this area during traditional sex.

There’s no doubt this has led to much of the debate on whether or not it exists but, in reality, the question is whether or not every woman has the same amount of sensation when it comes to that area.

Like many other aspects of human sexuality, how sensitive a woman’s G-Spot is remains an issue of great debate.

Stimulation of the G-Spot … For Science

Luckily, this is one scientific mystery both men and women love trying to solve. The trick is learning exactly where the G-Spot is and developing the skills and technique you need in order to stimulate it properly.

Since the G-Spot isn’t exactly easy to stimulate through traditional missionary position sex, women and their partners have to get a bit creative in order to find out just how sensitive her G-Spot is.

The best way to achieve this is through manual manipulation since fingers are much more flexible than a penis.

Using your hands to learn exactly where you partner’s G-Spot is will give you the best foundation for when you’re ready to try different sexual positions. Start by inserting your fingers with your palm facing up in order to manually locate the spot.

It’s typically located about two inches inside the vagina – aim for the area between her clitoris and her belly button. You’ll feel a change in the texture of her vaginal tissue and that’s where you want to be. Usually the G-Spot responds best to a firm and constant stimulation, but that doesn’t mean that’s the trick for every woman.

Experiment with different levels of intensity to learn what feel good and what sends her over the edge. There are also plenty of hand help fingertip vibrators and specially formed dildos which can stimulate this area.

Once you feel like you can hit the spot easily, it’s time to move on to incorporating it into sexual positions. Because of its location, you’ll want to choose a position that has you entering at an angle so your penis provides that stimulation.

The most common position people use to achieve this is Doggy Style. It’s a position almost everyone knows and is comfortable with so it’s a good place to start. Still, you may need to angle her body slightly differently than you have in the past in order to get the angle right.

Have her put her head all the way down in order to give you more leverage and then adjust as needed to find the sweet spot.

Couples can also modify this position by having the woman lay flat on her stomach or with her pelvis only slightly raised depending on the angle that works best for G-spot stimulation.

Doggy Style isn’t your only option, either. If you both prefer the intimacy the missionary position offers, you can make that work too. Have your woman lay on her back and then kneel between her legs.

Lift each of her legs up and place them on your shoulders. This will tilt her body and place you at the right angle to hit her G-Spot. This position does require a fair bit of flexibility so go slowly in order to avoid injury.

Spooning is another popular position that offers the right trajectory. Simply spoon as you would when cuddling and enter her from behind.

The woman can tilt her pelvis easily in order to adjust the angle and you can stimulate her G-Spot using shorter, shallow strokes. As a bonus, this position is also helpful for men who find they orgasm too quickly so it’ll boost your stamina as well as her enjoyment.

Hitting the g-spot at the right speed and intensity is crucially important if you want to make a woman squirt, that’s why we have entire videos dedicated to demonstrating this live in our program.

Learning new ways to turn your partner on are a huge turn-on, especially if she’s learning right along with you. Finding the G-Spot and learning how best to stimulate it takes some effort but anyone who’s gone through the process can assure you it’s time well spent.

The G-Spot is an erogenous zone few women learn about as part of their early sex education so it’s also a great way for couples to take their sexuality to the next level.

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Jamie Wrighworth says

Thank you, giving my girlfriend an orgasm has never been easy, but the useful tips I’ve learnt here have definitely helped me to give her what she wants in the bedroom. There’s nothing better than seeing her wriggle around in pleasure. That’s my favourite thing to do. 🙂

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