Everything You Need to Know About Feeldoe Strapless Strap-Ons

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Looking for a strap-on that can make sex with your partner more intimate and stimulating? If so, a Feeldoe strapless strap-on may be just what you need.

Strapless strap-ons are an absolute must-have sex toy for lesbians or anyone that is keen to add an extra cock into their sexual equations.

In this article, we’ll tell you just about everything there is to know about the Feeldoe brand, as well as going into detail about how to get the most fun out of your strapless strap-on.

So, let’s get started.

What is Feeldoe?

Feeldoe is a brand name for what most people know as a strapless strap-on. The Feeldoe design was created by a company named Erogenics, and it was one of the first strapless strap-on designs to become popular. Since then, many other brands such as Tantus and Lovehoney have created strapless strap-ons using the same design.

This type of strapless strap-on is available in many different varieties from short and stout to vibrating and slim. 

Strapless strap-ons are extremely popular with lesbian couples that are looking for a strap-on that provides hands-free, mutual stimulation. They can also be used by guys to perform double penetration and for pegging and prostate stimulation. They’re a pretty fun and versatile strap-on to use, and they can most definitely add a new element to your bedroom fun.

How Do Feeldoe Strapless Strap-ons Work?

The Feeldoe design is simple yet effective. On the surface, it looks very similar to a regular dildo, however, it has an extra appendage at the end of the dildo that is shaped similar to a bulb or butt plug. When the extra appendage is inserted into the vagina or anus, the wearer can then wield the dildo end as though it is their own cock. The wearer will need to use their kegel muscles to hold the strap-on in place, which can take a little bit of getting used to.

Other than that, they’re super simple to use, and if you’re inserting the strap-on vaginally, you probably won’t need to use any lube. If you’re inserting the strap-on anally, it’s a good idea to have lube on hand. Although the head of the strap-on isn’t huge, anal play is always easier, safer, and more fun with the aide of lube. 


Benefits of Using a Strapless Strap-On

Strapless strap-ons are becoming very popular lately, both with hetero and LGBTQ+ couples and there are a bunch of reasons why. Below are the main benefits of using a strap-on.

They Allow Couples to Get Closer

Although all strap-ons allow the giver to penetrate the receiver, many people find that harnesses or panties create a barrier between them and their partner and this makes their sexual encounters feel much less intimate. 

With a strapless strap-on, you can feel completely connected with your partner, and use your own muscles and body to give pleasure to both parties. 

They Are Fun For Everyone

For many couples that use dildos or other sex toys to pleasure one another, mutual orgasms are usually out of the question, and they often have to ‘take it in turns’ when it comes to stimulation.

However, using a strapless strap-on means that both parties are penetrated internally during sex, and this means that both parties can be simultaneously stimulated. This is a huge plus, particularly for lesbian couples that are keen to enjoy powerful mutual orgasms. 

They Feel Natural and Real

Many people that use strapless strap-ons do so because that feels much more natural than having a dildo strapped to them via a harness. The internal penetration of strapless strap-ons makes the dildo feel like it is more a part of the giver’s body. 

Not only are they stimulated by the penetration or vibration, but it also helps the giver to feel more in control of the dildo and get more pleasure from it. This also makes them particularly popular with trans men that want to feel more in touch with their true gender during sex.

They’re Super Easy to Use

Getting strapped into a harness strap-on can be a little bit time consuming, and in some cases, it can cause you to get distracted from the task at hand.

With a strapless strap-on, getting the strap-on into position is all part of the fun, and it’s very easy to slip the strap-on into place when you and your partner decide the time is right. You can even ask your partner to put it in for you and find the right position to ensure that both of you are adequately stimulated when you get down to business.

They’re Fun For All Types of Couples

Although strapless strap-ons are often marketed towards lesbian couples strapless strap-ons are also a great choice for couples that enjoy pegging. With a strapless strap-on, the woman can enjoy internal stimulation whilst she’s anally penetrating the guy, and this can heighten the experience for both parties.

In addition to this, men that are suffering from erectile dysfunction can also hold the strap-on anally, and use the dildo as if it was their own penis whilst having sex with their partner.

They’re Versatile

If you’re keen to purchase an all-in-one sex toy that can be used for pretty much any type of stimulation, strapless strap-ons are a great choice. Lots of strapless strap-ons come with bullet vibrators, which can be used for masturbating.

The smaller end of the strap-on can also be used for solo prostate stimulation, and you can just use it as a general dildo if you feel like it. No matter who you are, or what you’re into, you’re sure to be able to find something fun to do with a strapless strap-on.

Feeldoe Sex Positions

When you first start using a strapless strap-on, it can be a little daunting. Holding the strap-on in place may take a little practice to master, so choosing the right position is essential whilst you’re getting used to things.

The sex positions below are some of the easiest to carry out when using a Feeldoe, and they’re super sexy and intimate too.


If you’re worried about getting the hang of using your strapless strap-on, stick to the basics and try out the missionary position. Although it’s not the most exciting position in the world, it’s a great position for getting used to using your strap-on, and it can be super sexy and intimate.

Technique: Have the receiver lie on their back. The giver should lie face down on top of the receiver and thrust.

Why it’s great: It’s simple, romantic, and intimate. You can enjoy both penetrative sex and clitoral stimulation in this position, especially if you’re using a vibrating strap-on.

Doggy Style

Doggy style is the perfect strapless strap-on sex position for pretty much any situation. It makes double penetration and pegging super easy and it’s perfect for anyone that just enjoys the rearview.

Technique: The receiver should be on all fours in front of the giver. The giver can be standing (if the receiver is on a bed) or kneeling. The giver can grasp the receiver’s hips for stability.

Why it’s Awesome: This is a super sexy and stimulating position for everyone involved. It allows for deep penetration and it’s an easy position for thrusting.


The Cowgirl position is also great when using a strapless strap-on, as the non-wearer has the most control. This makes it particularly easy for the wearer to hold the strap-on in place, as they don’t have to do too much moving around or thrusting.

Technique: The giver should lie on their back, with the strap-on dildo pointing up-right. The receiver can then mount the dildo (facing forwards or backward) and move up and down.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s the perfect starter position for strapless strap-on newbies and it allows for deep penetration of the receiver.


Spooning is another great position for making the most out of your strapless strap-on. It’s easy, comfortable, and intimate, making it great for couples that want more intimacy in their sex lives.

Technique: Both partners should lie on their side. The giver lies directly behind the receiver. The giver can choose to penetrate either the anus of the vagina.

Why It’s Awesome: It’s an easy position to perform when using a strapless strap-on and it’s super sexy and romantic.

Prone Bone

If you want a kinkier strapless strap-on position, the prone bone may be a good choice. This one will make the giver feel super assertive, and it can lead to some intense stimulation for both partners.

Technique: Have the giver lie face down with their hips raised using pillows. The giver should penetrate from behind, pressing down into the receiver whilst thrusting.

Why it’s awesome: It’s visually appealing, and it gives the giver a sense of control. It also tightens the vagina and provides intense stimulation of the G-spot.

Different Types of Feeldoe Strapless Strap-ons

On the official Feeldoe website, there is a selection of different products to choose from, and there really is something to suit everybody’s tastes. Below is a brief overview of the different Feeldoe products available.


The Classic Feeldoe has a slight curve to the dildo and a large head for stimulation. All in all the dildo measures at around 6″ and the bulb end has an insertable length of 2.5″. All of the Feeldoe models including the classic model are made of 100% body-safe silicone which makes them super easy to clean and soft to the touch.


The slim version is slightly thinner in diameter than the classic, and perfect for anyone that is using the strap-on for anal play, or doesn’t really enjoy the full feeling of super thick dildos. It’s around 1.25″ in diameter and 5.5″ in length. Like the other Feeldoe models, it’s made from soft colored silicone.


The stout model is thicker and slightly longer than the classic design. At the widest point, the stout is 1.75” and it has an insertable length of 7”. If you’re into that thick and full feeling, then this is the right choice.


The Feeldoe More is the longest in the range, with an insertable length of 8”. If deep penetration is your thing then this is definitely the best option. You may also be able to find longer designs if you buy from a different brand.


The Realdoe is a variation of the Feeldoe, that is designed to feel more like a real penis. Instead of having a colored plastic design, the Realdoe is made from skin-colored silicone and has a silky smooth finish with some extra details such as veins.

All the regular Feeldoe designs that are listed above are also available with the Realdoe finish. If you’re looking for something that we’ll feel as close as possible to a real penis, this is it.

Vibrating Models

All of the official Feeldoe designs come with a vibrator option. They simply have a hole at the bottom to insert a bullet vibrator. You can purchase one when you purchase the strap-on, or you can use your own bullet vibrator if you have one.

8 Best Feeldoe-Style Dildos to Buy

Erogenics patented the Feeldoe brand name and you can buy the original models directly from their website.

However, many other companies have since developed their own strapless strap-ons that are pretty much identical in terms of design and functionality. This list includes the best Feeldoe-style strapless strap-ons on the market in 2020.

Give Her An Orgasm She Never Forgets. Try It Now!

1. Lovehoney Double Delight Adjustable Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Dildo

If you’re looking for that one toy that is perfect for every occasion, the Lovehoney Double Delight Adjustable Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Dildo is a great choice. It’s a vibrator, a dildo and a strapless strap-on all rolled into one and it can be adjusted to remove the bulb when you want to use it as a regular dildo.

The wearer’s bulb is also 4″ in length, which is longer than the bulbs of the Erogenics or Tantus models. For the price, this product is literally the most bang you can get for your buck, and it’s a great addition to any sex toy collection.

2. Lovehoney Double Wow Strapless Strap-On Dildo Vibrator

The Lovehoney Double Wow Strapless Strap-On Dildo Vibrator is Lovehoney’s answer to the Vibrating Feeldoe Classic. The dildo measures at around 7″ in length and it has a ton of great features to allow for maximum stimulation.

Firstly, the Double Wow Strapless Strap-On is complete with a 4-speed vibrator that you can use to tailor the vibrations to your preferences. It also has ridges at the bottom of the shaft for clitoral stimulation for the wearer. It’s got just about everything you’d ever need in a strapless strap-on, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than similar strap-ons from other brands.

3. Tantus Strapless™ Strap-On Classic

The Tantus Strap-On Classic is one of the most popular strapless strap-ons on the market and its design is almost identical to the classic Feeldoe design. The dildo measures at 6″ in length, and it comes complete with a bullet vibrator for some extra buzz.

The classic model is made from 100% body-safe silicone and comes in a deep purple color. It’s super easy to clean, and the proportions are just right for a strapless strap-on newbie that’s still learning the ropes. The product also has some small ridges for clitoral stimulation. This is a classic model from a well-established toy brand making it a great purchase for beginners. 

4. Tantus Real Strapless Strap-On

If you want a strapless strap-on that feels super realistic then the Tantus Real Strapless Strap-On is the way to go. This is Tantus’ version of the Realdoe, and it has a super realistic finish down to the last vein. The skin-like soft-touch silicone makes it hard to believe that it isn’t a real cock and it even has a thick pronounced head for extra G-spot stimulation.

This is a great product for anyone looking to use it for double penetration, or anyone who is suffering from erectile dysfunction. With a dildo that is 6″ in length, the receiver is sure to have as much fun as they would if it were the real deal.

5. Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Vibrating Strapless Strap-On

If you’d like a strapless strap-on that will be a little more fulfilling, the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Vibrating Strapless Strap-on might be an exciting choice. This strap-on is perfect for guys that are wearing the strap-on anally, as the bulb is inflatable, meaning you can pump away until you find the ultimate pleasure point for your prostate. 

The hard black dildo is also sure to please the receiver too, as it measures at around 6.5”. This kinky strapless strap-on is a great choice for BDSM lovers and strap-on users that want to take the kink factor up a notch. 

6. Fetish Fantasy Strapless Strap-On with Anal Stimulator

The Fetish Fantasy Strapless Strap-On with Anal Stimulator is an interesting design from UberKinky that is sure to spice things up in the bedroom. The strap-on is designed for vaginal use, and it also has an extra anal stimulator to make things a little more fun.

The dildo itself has an exciting ridged design that will also make for a more stimulating ride for the receiver. This product is great for lesbian couples that are keen to enjoy mutual orgasms, as the anal stimulator and bulbous plug will help to ensure that the wearer is as stimulated as the receiver. 

7. Strap U Tri-Volver Rechargeable Strapless Strap-On

If you’re all about that vibe, the Strap U Tri-Volver Rechargeable Strapless Strap-On is one of the best products to consider. The Strap U has 3 speeds and 4 vibration patterns to choose from, so there really is no end to the fun with this one. It also has a dual-motor design, meaning both the giver and receiver will be able to enjoy the intensity of the vibration.

In addition to this, the strap-on is also equipped with a clitoris tab for electrifying clitoral stimulation. Although this strapless strap-on is a little more expensive than some of the classic designs, it’s packed full of features that make it more than worth the investment.

8. Fun Factory ShareVibe Rechargeable Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Dildo

The Fun Factory ShareVibe Rechargeable Vibrating Strapless Strap-On Dildo is a small but powerful strap-on that is great for beginners. It has an extra curved design which makes it easy to hold the strap-on in place.

It also has some extra defined ridges for superior clitoral stimulation. The strap-on comes with a removable bullet vibrator that has 5 different speed settings. The removable bullet makes the toy easy to clean.

The dildo has a smooth silicone finish that is great for use when pegging, especially you’re new to anal play. It has an insertable length of 5.5″ which is also great for beginners.

The powerful vibrator is also great when you just want to use the toy like a dildo or simply add a little more buzz to your play. Overall, it’s a small and sexy toy that is great for strapless strap-on beginners.

Tips for Using a Strapless Strap-On

If you’re thinking about using a strapless strap-on but you’re unsure where to start, here are some tips to help make sure your first use is simple and stimulating. 

Use Lube

If you’re keen to make sure that you slip in easily, or you’re using the strap-on for anal penetration, then lube is an absolute must-have.

Having some lube on hand makes everything easier. Don’t be afraid to lube up if you feel it’s necessary, trying a new toy out can be nerve-racking, and this can lead to vaginal dryness. 

Be sure to check what your toy is made from so that you can purchase the right type of lube. Some types of lube can be damaging to certain sex-toy materials, so it’s best to do some research about this before purchasing lube.

Train Your Kegel Muscles

One of the only drawbacks of using a strapless strap-on is that it can sometimes be difficult to keep the toy in place and hold it. The stronger your kegel muscles are, the easier it will be to hold the toy inside and prevent it from falling out.

There are a lot of different ways to train your kegel muscles but one of the easiest is to use Ben Wa balls.

These are small balls that you hold inside your vagina to help build up the muscles. Not only do they help train the muscles, but they are also a lot of fun and can be very stimulating, so if you’re thinking about using a strapless strap-on, they’re definitely worth a try.

Keep the Toy Clean

Cleanliness is important when using any sex toy, so make sure that you keep your strap-on clean at all times.

Thankfully, most strapless strap-ons are made from plastic or silicone, which is super easy to clean with soap and water. You should also consider disinfecting your strap-on with a water and bleach solution from time-to-time. 

When storing your strapless strap-on, be sure to dry it and store it in a safe place such as a silk bag or box. This will help it to last longer and prevent damage.

Set Boundaries With Your Partner

If you are in a polyamorous relationship, be sure to set some boundaries with your partners regarding the strap-on. People can become really attached to the strap-on and one partner may feel unhappy about your using it with other sexual partners. It’s a good idea to talk to your partners about this to avoid any upset. 

Also, if you do plan on using it with many partners, make sure that the strap-on is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between uses to prevent the spread of infection. 

Stick With It

When you first use a strapless strap-on, it can be hard to get used to them, but my advice is, STICK WITH IT.

As I mentioned, you will need to build up your muscles to really get the most out of the strap-on. Also, you will need to get used to how to maneuver the strap-on in order to pleasure your partner. It may take a few tries, but once you get the hang of it, it will definitely be worth the effort.

Don’t Be Afraid to Switch Things Up

If you or your partner are finding it hard to get used to using the strap-on, don’t be afraid to switch up the roles in your relationship. A strapless strap-on provides pleasure to both partners, so it doesn’t really matter who is doing the thrusting. You may even find that a little role reversal is a fun way to shake things up in your relationship.

Alternatives to Feeldoe Strapless Strap-Ons

If you’re not sure that a strapless strap-on is for you, but you’re looking for new ways to stimulate your partner, don’t worry! There are lots of other options to choose from. Here are some great alternatives to Feeldoe strapless strap-ons.

Harness Strap-Ons

Harness strap-ons are the original type of strap-on. They are a simple harness that attaches around the waist and legs, and they usually have a dildo attached to them or a cock ring that you can use to hold your own dildo. They’re pretty self-explanatory, and they’re great if you’re a woman that’s still getting used to wearing a strap-on or thrusting.

Underwear Style Strap-Ons

Underwear style strap-ons are very similar harness strap-ons.

However, you don’t need to do up any clasps, buckles, or belts in order to get into them. They are simply a pair of panties with a dildo attached or a place to attach your own dildo.

Underwear style strap-ons are great for beginners, as they are super easy to use. However, once you’re used to using a strap-on, you may want to choose something a little sturdier, as underwear strap-ons can be a little flimsy.

Double Ended Dildos

Double-ended dildos work great for mutual penetration, and they are sometimes even more fun than a strapless strap-on. With a strapless strap-on, the giver only has a few of inches of penetration.

With a double-ended dildo, both partners can be deeply penetrated at the same time, as most are at least 12” long.


If you’re a lesbian couple that isn’t quite ready for penetrative sex with a strap-on, then a vibrator may be just what you need. Vibrators can add a little extra buzz to your love life whilst you and your partner are still working out what you’re into.

If you think that you might enjoy using a strapless strap-on in the future, you could always purchase one with a built-in vibrator and just use it as a dildo or vibrator until you are ready to have a go at using it as a strap-on.

Another great idea is finger vibrators. They attach to the ends of your fingers and provide some extra stimulation when you and your partner are enjoying some finger fun. 

Hollow Strap-Ons

If you’re a guy that is suffering from erectile dysfunction, but you still want to find a way to pleasure your lover and enjoy sex, a hollow strap-on may be what you’re looking for. Unlike with a strapless strap-on, you won’t have to experience any penetration yourself.

You can use a harness style strap-on, complete with a hollow dildo that you can slip your own penis into.

For guys suffering from erectile dysfunction, this is one of the best ways to simulate having sex using your own penis, and it may help you to become aroused in the process.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering adding a Feeldoe to your sex toy repertoire, our advice is – go for it! They’re affordable, fun, and versatile and great for beginners that are looking to introduce more toys into the bedroom.

If you’ve got any saucy strapless strap-on stories to share with us, or you have any more questions, feel free to drop us a comment!

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