Butt Plugs 101: The Complete Guide (& Top 5 to Try)

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If you read my guide to the greatest anal dildos, you’ll know that I’ll try anything once, provided it isn’t too intimidating, and it makes me cum mercilessly! Big, small, tingly, or steamy hot – if it’s good for my orgasms, it’s fine by me.

But last night, as my boyfriend and I were engaging in some foreplay, I thought it’s high time I discussed a particular type of sex toy that’s great for both men and women – butt plugs!

When it comes to delivering thrills by the bucket load and super intense finishes, anal plugs outshine almost every other sex toy. Not only are they unisex, but they perfectly complement almost ANY sexual activity from mutual masturbation to foreplay, oral sex, penis-in-vagina (P-in-V) sex, and more! In fact, if you are looking for that one sex toy that gets you there, again and again, a plug could be all you need!

In this complete guide to butt plugs and how to use them, I’m going to open your eyes to the wealth of fantastic benefits that these anal toys offer, such as:

  • Deeper, more intense orgasms during solo and partnered sex!
  • Massive P-spot pleasure for people with prostates,
  • Huge clitoral and G-spot pleasure for vulva-havers,
  • And more!

Anal plugs are fun, safe, and sexy, and this guide will tell you EVERYTHING you need to know to get started, regardless of your gender, anatomy, or sexual orientation! I promise to show you exactly how to choose the right plug, how to use it for maximum pleasure, and the best techniques and sex positions that you can try TONIGHT…and start cumming like never before!

What are butt plugs?

If you’re new to the realm of backdoor pleasure, you may be wondering, ‘What, exactly, is a butt plug?’. Unlike other anal toys such as dildos, wands, and beads, plugs are designed to be slipped into the anus and left in place, essentially ‘plugging up’ the butt.

Most of them have a narrow tip that can be comfortably slipped into the anus, and a body that gets progressively wider before tapering off towards the base. This ‘Christmas-tree’ shape gives the anal muscles something to ‘clench’ onto once the anal plug is inserted, helping to keep it nice and secure. To prevent the plug from being sucked in to the rectum, almost all of them feature a flared base.

Aside from these universal features, anal plugs come in an astonishing range of sizes from super-tiny to butt-stretchingly massive and come packed with a wide range of exciting features:

  • Some are ribbed and textured to provide extra anal stimulation as they slide in and out!
  • Some plugs are battery-powered and feature pleasurable functions like warming and even multi-speed vibration!
  • Thrill-seekers may be attracted to electro butt plugs that can deliver sharp, intense electric shocks – perfect for satisfying any BDSM fantasies, no matter how kinky!

Whatever you’re looking for, you’re guaranteed to find a plug that suits!

What types are there?

Anal plugs are a wonderful way of exploring new sexual territory, but if you’ve never tried one before, you may find the choice overwhelming. But while there are seemingly countless toys to choose from, there are three main categories of plugs that you should know about before diving into the world of anal play.

Beginner butt plugs

If you’re just starting out with anal play, you’ll want a small, sleek plug that lets you experience back door bliss safely and without pain. Beginner plugs, the smallest and thinnest types, are perfect for testing the waters.

Typically made from silicone or stainless steel (pictured above), beginner plugs are usually sold as part of a set so you can experiment with progressively larger sizes as your body adjusts to the sensations of dark-side pleasure!

Powered butt plugs

Once you’re comfortable with the feeling of plugging up your butt, you’ll want to give your derriere the thrill of a powered butt plug! These plugs, powered by either removable or built-in rechargeable batteries, will blow your options WIDE OPEN and give you a range of thrilling sensations such as:

  • Multi-speed vibrations that send tingles throughout your body (or your partner’s body when they’re inside you!)
  • Warming functions for a realistic flesh-like feel.
  • Electric shocks to satisfy any 50 Shades of Grey fantasies you may be harboring!

Cheaper powered butt plugs are typically corded to a battery-powered handset while higher-end plugs are completely waterproof and feature a built-in rechargeable battery and wireless remote control for ease of use; who you give it to is completely up to you!

Inflatable butt plugs

Once you’re ready to stretch yourself to your limits, the third type you’ll want to try is an inflatable butt plug. Simply slip one in and use the hand pump to inflate to the desired size, giving you a pleasurably filling feeling! A quick-release valve lets you return it to normal size when you’re finished, making it perfect for anal training – check out my complete guide to anal training here!

Why try a butt plug?

If you’ve never tried one before, you’ve been missing out! The best plugs offer the following five unbeatable benefits that you can’t afford to miss!

1. Enhanced masturbation

Want to add a little zing to your solo play? Anal plugs will make your ‘me-time’ absolutely scintillating and push you towards the most intense orgasms that you’ll ever experience!

Personally, I adore fingering myself while my vibrating plug is purring away inside me as it presses into the back of my vaginal wall and hits my A-spot (part of the clit’s internal structure) essentially DOUBLING my pleasure!

My boyfriend, meanwhile, gets off on the intense P-spot pleasure that his favorite plug gives as it presses into his prostate while he jacks off. It pushes his P-spot to the point of no return and makes his cock erupt like a volcano time and time again!

Whether you have a pussy or a prostate, a butt plug will make you cum like never before and is also a great way of making mutual masturbation totally mesmerizing!

2. Mind-blowing oral sex

My boyfriend is phenomenal at eating my pussy and making me cum, but when I combine his wild tongue action with my favorite vibrating plug, I lose my freaking mind! The vibrations race through my entire vulva and make my clit tingle while he tongues and laps it, often powering me towards a squirting orgasm!

Now, I’m no slouch when it comes to returning the favor and know exactly how to give an epic blowjob, but when I combine my best moves with a little backdoor pleasure, my boyfriend gets so hard he literally starts screaming my name with arousal!

His favorite thing ever is having me deepthroat him while his favorite remote control butt plug is working its magic in his tush. I coordinate the vibes so that they max out while I’m gagging on his cock, so I feel the head of his dick tingling the back of my throat. Finishing him off with a throatpie makes him float around on cloud nine for the rest of the week!

3. Crush it in the sack

Vibrating anal plugs aren’t only for anal sex prep and pegging; they make P-in-V sex freaking EPIC like you wouldn’t believe! When I slip one in my butt, and my boyfriend goes inside my pussy in missionary, not only do I get the THRILL of double penetration, but he feels the vibrations throughout his entire shaft and gets rock hard like NOTHING ELSE!

There’s literally no sex position that isn’t made a million times better by a butt plug – in your ass or his!

4. Make anal training amazing

If you’ve read my guide to anal training, you’ll know that butt plugs are one of the best ways to prep for anal sex or pegging! They can safely stretch even the timidest of tushes without causing pain, provided you use plenty of lube! They are also a great hassle-free option for keeping your derriere loose and limber in your ‘downtime’ between anal adventures!

5. Breathtaking BDSM

Anal plugs are for far more than just anal sex warm-up – they are popular in BDSM and other types of fetish play too! Personally, I love having my boyfriend suck his favorite plug before I put it in his ass, and I know plenty of other girls who get off on this type of domination and submission play!

What to know before choosing an anal plug

Fancy venturing to the dark side? It’s important to know what to look for before you choose an anal plug. Here are my top tips to get you started!

Start small

If you’re used to sex toys like vibrators and dildos, beginner plugs probably look ludicrously tiny, but don’t be deceived. Start with a thumb-width plug and work your way up; don’t let your eyes get bigger than something else!

Choose a generously flared base

Don’t underestimate how powerfully your rectum can ‘suck’ in a plug when you get excited! As a beginner, you’re best off choosing a plug with a generous base that can’t be sucked in. Visiting ER to get an anal toy removed isn’t cool. Don’t be that person.

Check it’s body-safe

When it comes to materials, butt plugs are in somewhat of a legal grey area; they are often sold as ‘novelty items,’ and their sale is therefore largely unregulated. Cheaper plugs could well be made from unsafe materials or contain chemicals that may seep into your body. To protect yourself, buy from a reputable retailer and choose a plug made from nonporous material such as:

  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Stainless steel
  • Borosilicate glass (Pyrex)

As a butt play debutante, you’ll find that silicone has more ‘give’ and is easier to insert than steel or glass, but be aware that cheaper plugs may be labeled as ‘silicone’ but actually contain cheaper materials such as TPR or TPE (Thermoplastic Rubber or Thermoplastic Elastomer). These are not only denser and rougher on your body, but are harder to clean and can become bacterial breeding grounds. Be careful!

How to choose the right lube

As the rectum doesn’t self-lubricate, you’re going to have to give it a helping hand, but the best lube to use will depend on which anal plug you’re planning to use! Stainless steel and glass plugs work wonderfully well with any type of lubricant, whether water-based, silicone, oil-based, or even at-home options like coconut oil.

You’ll find that silicone lubes last much longer than water-based lube, meaning you won’t have to reapply them more often as they won’t dry out or ‘gum up’ like their water-based counterparts.

If you’re using a silicone plug, it’s best to stick to water-based lube, although you should be fine using silicone lube, provided the plug itself is 100% silicone.

The myth that silicone lube can’t be used with silicone toys comes from the fact that many cheaper sex toys labeled as ‘silicone’ actually contain cut-price substitutes like TPR or TPE that are easily discolored and damaged by silicone lube. Stick with a 100-percent medical-grade silicone toy, and you should be absolutely fine using silicone lube!

The two main drawbacks of using silicone lube and other oil-based lubes are that they are relatively expensive and can stain fabric and clothing. You’ll want to put down several towels so that you don’t accidentally damage bed sheets or other fabrics when you get busy!

How to insert (and take it out!)

Once you’ve chosen your plug and picked out the best lube, you’ll likely find that it slips right in and feel amazing! As the idiom goes, the only thing to fear is fear itself, and there are several steps you can take to ensure that your first’ plugging’ goes down a treat.

Address your sexual fears

Sexual fears can really get in the way of enjoying butt plugs. Fear of pooping, farting, pain, smells, potential tearing, hemorrhoids, messing the bed, bodily fluids, failure, disappointment, or even the fear of liking it so much that you’ll need to use one forever after just to get off!

It’s important to recognize that these are sexual fears and apply to many sex acts, not just anal plugs. The key to addressing these fears is taking steps to mitigate them.

The first step is addressing your fear of pain but understanding how your butt works. The key to enjoying anal plugs is relaxing and letting the two main muscle groups in the anal area – the internal and external sphincter – relax enough to allow the toy to ease in and start working its magic!

The external sphincter can be constricted or relaxed like your mouth, while the internal sphincter is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, so it functions on its own like your lungs and heart. While you can learn to relax your external sphincter by breathing deeply, the internal sphincter isn’t under voluntary control.

That’s why you should never rush to insert a butt plug or try a toy that’s too big. Doing so can cause physical injury – a huge no-no. I strongly suggest starting with a thumb-width plug and working your way up; provided you start tiny, you’ll be able to enjoy an anal plug without pain!

Deal with your fear of mess

The second step is addressing your fear of mess – bodily fluids, getting poop on the plug, or on your bed, or even farting.

This fear can be allayed once you understand how your butt works. Poop is actually stored not in the anal canal (where anal plugs go) but higher up in the rectum. Despite the horror stories, you may have heard about anal play being messy, no finger, plug, or even penis is long enough to reach stored poop, so you should be fine!

What you may encounter are more like ‘specs’ of poop, especially if you haven’t had a bowel movement in the few hours before playing with your anal toy. To avoid this, you can use something called an anal douche. Douching your ass isn’t necessary for enjoying a butt plug, but it is super simple, and I explained exactly how to douche correctly in my anal douching article here. Check it out!

Don’t neglect foreplay

Instead of going straight for the ass, remember to try some foreplay like anal fingering to get your butt ready for the new sensations first! If you’re flying solo, pressing your perineum and fingering your ass helps tease your prostate while you pleasure yourself.

If you’re with your partner, have them finger you or better still, eat your ass (get my best ass licking tips here!) while they go down on you. I love having my boyfriend slip a finger in my ass while he licks my clit; he has this amazing way of circling my butt hole and then gliding the tip in and out while he eats me out – I’m a puddle within a few minutes!

To return the favor, one of my favorite blow job techniques is sticking my lubed-up index finger into his ass – this gets him CRAZY hard! I start with one finger and then add another when he gets comfortable and relaxed before introducing the plug.

Focus on your breathing

After a good anal fingering, a nicely lubricated butt plug should slip right in! If you’re plugging your own butt, simply focus on taking slow and steady deep breaths to let your muscles relax. If you’re having a partner slide the plug inside you, have them glide the tip across your tush and then slowly penetrate you as you inhale deeply.

The same applies when removing a plug; maintain slow and steady breaths, and remove it gently or have your partner slide it out. This is far easier after you’ve climaxed, as orgasms help to relax the pelvic floor muscles. Sometimes this step is unnecessary; when my boyfriend orgasms while wearing his favorite plug, his ass clamps down so hard that the plug comes shooting out!

Cleanup tips

Once you’ve finished, always wash your anal plug with antibacterial soap and warm water. Most non-porous materials are dishwasher safe and can also be boiled to kill germs and bacteria.

The top 5 plugs to try

If you’re too busy, shy, or lazy to visit a brick-and-mortar sex store and ask their knowledgeable staff which plug you should be sticking in your derriere, there’s always online shopping to satisfy your carnal desires. Here are my top five picks for butt plugs that you should try.

1. Silicone anal plug set with bullet vibrator

Something about soft, supple silicone just sets my soul alight, and I know you’ll love this four-piece set containing three butt plugs and a bullet vibrator! The vibe feels incredible on my nipples and clit, and I love stroking it up and down my boyfriend’s shaft while we’re in the throes of foreplay; it takes the stimulation onto another level!

The smallest plug in this set will slip right in to even the tightest tush and feel spectacular! You can work up to using the larger sized plugs as you gain experience. My go-to move is inserting the plug and placing the bullet vibe on the end of the plug!

This sends ripples across my entire ass and shivers down my spine! Being silicone, you can use these plugs with any water-based or silicone lube for endless fun.

2. Stainless steel plug set

While stainless steel isn’t quite as forgiving as silicone, it is compatible with any lube, and this can help to keep the action going harder and longer. The pointed tips of these cute little butt plugs deliver thrilling sensations throughout my anal canal.

I love teasing my boyfriend’s perineum with a vibrator while toying his ass with one of the plugs – it sends him over the edge every time!

When I’m wearing one of these plugs and my boyfriend is inside my pussy, I love holding a small bullet vibe over my clit and sending waves of vibrations hurtling down his shaft, powering us both towards a thrilling climax!

3. Silicone butt plug with suction cup base

You can’t beat plugs with suction cup bases for sheer convenience. Whether you stick them to the shower wall and grind into them, or have your partner wrap their fingers around the base and go knuckle-deep into your ass, they’re unbeatable.

This silicone plug is perfect for acclimatizing your butt to a medium-sized anal plug, and its unique curved base lets your partner get a good hold as they thrust it into and slowly pull it out of your tush!

Silicone butt plug

4. Expanding butt plug with vibrator

If you want to prepare for anal sex or even pegging, this expanding butt plug lets you safely stretch your ass (or your partner’s ass) until you can comfortably accommodate a penis-sized girth. This expanding plug slips in easily and is guaranteed to leave you breathless thanks to its built-in vibrator and handy wired remote control.

To keep you on your toes and ensure that the orgasms keep flowing, use the hand pump to gently inflate this plug until it gives you a nice, filling stretch. You’ll be gasping for breath once you feel the pleasure that this toy can deliver!

My boyfriend’s jam is having me slip this plug into his ass while I’m sucking his cock and turn the vibrations up until he’s purring with delight. As he edges closer and closer towards orgasm, I gradually inflate the plug until he’s arching his back and begging me to let him cum!

Unlike standard anal plugs that just shoot right out when he climaxes, this one stays firmly in place and delivers maximum prostate pleasure while he’s in the throes of ecstasy! I literally have to peel him off the ceiling when I’m done!

5. 10-speed vibrating electro anal plug with remote control

If butt plugs become a standard part of your bedroom repertoire (and I hope they do!), then going wireless is a no-brainer! The easy-to-use remote control on this 10-speed vibrating plug is super-simple to adjust whether you are pleasuring yourself, or having your partner take charge!

For me, nothing beats the ease and convenience of adjusting the intensity of the vibes while I’m fingering my clit to orgasm – it pushes me over the edge time and time again!

Slipping this into my boyfriend’s ass when I give him a handjob or blowjob drives him insane: the double stimulation is so intense that he rarely lasts more than 60 seconds! I have this crazy-good technique where I swirl my tongue around the head of his cock and ratchet up the vibes when I feel he’s close to cumming.

But where this amazing little plug REALLY comes into its own is when I edge my boyfriend. I bring him to the point of orgasm and then STOP and use this plug’s hidden feature – the electroshock – to ‘pull’ him away from climaxing.

The shock is like a sharp tingle that brings him away from the edge. I let him cool down and then start sucking again, building up his pleasure. By the time I get him there a second time, he’s thrashing around with pleasure and blows his load like a supernova!

By the way, my most insane blow job techniques aren’t here, they’re in my ultimate guide to dick sucking techniques– check them out!

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The best techniques for solo play

I’ve shown you my favorite plugs that are guaranteed to keep the orgasms flowing, but now it’s time to look at the specifics – how should you use an anal plug to send your pleasure levels through the stratosphere? Here are five of the best.

1. The Butt Plug Clit Rub

When I’m anal adventuring on my ownsome, I love nothing more than laying back and rubbing my clit with a butt plug inside me. The double-whammy of direct clit stimulation and internal A-spot pressure (the A-spot is part of the clit’s internal structure) feels mind-blowing and makes me SQUIRT with pleasure!

Incidentally, if you’re reading this guide for new ideas to make your girlfriend cum, my ultimate guide to masturbation will show you my BEST techniques for flicking your girl’s bean until she soaks the bed with her juice!

2. The Triple Tipple

Rabbit vibrator in hand

To take my anal escapades to the next level, I sometimes like to add my favorite rabbit vibrator to the mix and fill my pussy with its nice, long shaft while its ears work their magic on my clit! I simply pop a butt plug in, slide the dildo into position and then start vibing and thrusting my way towards a full-body, shaking orgasm!

This technique feels so freaking awesome because it hits the clitoris in three ways: the rabbit’ ears’ vibe on the head of the clit, while the shaft targets the G-spot (the clit’s apex) and the plug pleasures the A-spot, the back of the clit!

3. The Double Trouble

Most guys are too scared to try butt play for fear it will make them ‘gay,’ but jacking off while wearing an anal plug guarantees an explosive ejaculation that few other experiences can match. Few other experiences, that is, except for using a pocket pussy!

My boyfriend’s absolute jam for solo play is slipping in his favorite vibrating anal plug and then thrusting his lubed up dick deep into his Fleshlight (he loves the shower mount!). Within seconds, he’s moaning with delight and savoring the heady combo of intense P-spot pleasure and soft, sensual pocket pussy stroking!

4. Milking the P-Spot

When I’m giving my boyfriend a handjob during foreplay, sometimes a vibrating butt plug is all it takes to transform the experience from ordinary to orgasmic!

I start by stroking his shaft with plenty of lube to get him hard, and then I finger his asshole until it puckers up and invites me inside. Once he’s ready, I slip in his favorite vibrating plug and press the base down so that it hits his prostate, about two inches along the anterior wall.

When it comes to the best technique for P-spot milking, every guy is different. Some guys like rapid movements, while others like long, deep strokes that let them feel every inch of the plug.

My boyfriend loves no movement at all, just pressure and touch. His fav plug sends shivers down his spine and gives him an incredible hands-free orgasm without me even having to touch his shaft!

5. The Chair Rider

One of the greatest things about suction cup bases is that you can stick the plug to just about any hard, smooth surface and get some crazy-good anal vibes!

When I’m going to town on myself, I love nothing better than planting a good-sized suction dildo onto a chair and then riding it Cowgirl-style in the Chair Rider position! I prefer a high-backed chair for added support and sometimes reach down to rub my clit as I ride!

When I’m close to coming, I just sit right down onto the plug and grind into that sucker so that it presses against my A-spot, giving my clitoral complex a sensational double-whammy of pleasure!

When I first introduced my boyfriend to butt play, it took him a few tries before he felt comfortable slipping a beginner plug all the way in. This was the first position he fell in love with as it gave him good control over the depth and made his asshole open right up!

To spice this sexy technique up, here are a few things you can try:

Temperature play

You can heat up most anal plugs by running them under warm water (not too hot!) for a few moments before using them. Some rechargeable butt plugs even have a built-in warming function! To give yourself a wonderful contrasting sensation, try cooling the plug down in a bowl of ice water to ‘shock’ your body towards an unforgettable orgasm!

Experiment with size

Any of the above techniques can be improved with the help of an inflatable butt plug! If you’re getting busy on your own, you can inflate the size as you get closer to climax, while during partnered play, your only decision is who you hand the bulb to!

Electro edging

As I mentioned, my favorite remote-controlled butt plug has a unique ‘electroshock’ feature that makes my tush quiver and contract with delight!

As this is too painful to be a turn on, I usually reserve this for BDSM play (my b/f always abides by our safe word!), but sometimes it’s a fun way to ‘edge’ myself or my boyfriend towards bone-jarring, full-body climaxes. I love shocking my boyfriend when I can feel he’s about to cum and letting him cool down before building him back up to an even harder, stronger orgasm!

The best sex positions for partnered play

To round off this guide, I wanted to give you TWO incredible sex positions for partnered anal plug play that will make you and your S.O. squirt with pleasure! I’m sure you’ll love them just as much as my boyfriend, and I did!

1. The Croissant

Technique: If your partner is male or has a penis, have them lie on the bed with their knees bent and their legs spread apart. Kneel in front of their butt and start using their favorite handjob or blowjob techniques (get my ultimate kneeling blowjob techniques here) to get them hard while you touch their perineum to tease and excite their prostate!

Insert a lubricated finger into their ass and start thrusting in and out until they start to loosen up and relax. Take your vibrating plug and tease their asshole with the sweet vibes until it puckers up and accepts the plug. Adjust your motions and the vibes until they explode with delight!


  • This is one of the best positions for combining a handjob or blow job with a plug as you can easily adjust the vibrations and send thrilling waves of pleasure surging throughout your partner’s entire anal canal, their P-spot, and their perineum!
  • If you want to try ‘edging’ your partner, this position lets you tune into when they are about to cum and ease up at just the right moment. When you re-start stimulating them, they’ll hurtle towards one of the strongest orgasms imaginable!

2. The One-Up

Technique: If your partner is female or has a vulva, have them sit on the edge of a bed with their legs spread while you kneel on the floor in front of them. Lower your head towards their clit and place their right leg across your right shoulder. Have them bring their left leg up and hold it with their hands.

Use your best cunnilingus moves on their clit and vulva until they are moaning and squirming with pleasure (read my best pussy-eating tips here!) and then start teasing their exposed tush with a nicely lubricated finger. Hold the tip of your favorite butt plug over their asshole, and watch them dissolve as you start to move it inside!


  • If your partner has a vulva, this position will give them the deep, intense clitoral stimulation that they crave. The tingles from a vibrating plug will slam into their A-spot (part of the clitoral complex) and make the clit action from your tongue and finger feel nothing short of spectacular!
  • This position makes combining cunnilingus with anal plug an absolute cinch! You can coordinate the vibrations with your partner’s pleasure until they start screaming your name with delight!


If you were curious about what butt plugs are and how to use one, hopefully, this guide has answered all your questions! I’ve shown you the best plugs to buy, which lube to use, and some of the most mind-blowing techniques and toe-curling sex positions you’ll ever experience! Best of all, you can get same-day delivery on most anal toys and start trying what you’ve learned TONIGHT…and see some earth-shattering results!

With the right approach and precautions, anal plugs are fun, safe, and orgasmic, with very few drawbacks. Once you open the Pandora’s box of dark side delight, you’ll soon find yourself using a plug to spice up everything from mutual masturbation, to oral sex and even regular missionary position – they’ll be no stopping you!

Have fun!

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