Aneros: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

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Aneros is to prostate massagers what Hitachi is to magic wands. It’s the OG — the undisputed king of prostate stimulation.

These early prostate pioneers all but invented the Super-O and have earned their reputation as the best and most authoritative brand in the industry. Their prostate massagers are more than just toys; they’re a lifestyle.

We’re going to be sharing everything you need to know about Aneros products right here, including what they are, how to use them, and how to find the right product for you.

But first, a word of warning: if you’re the kind of guy that hates the idea of butt stuff, you may as well leave right now. You’re not going to be into this.

However, if you’re the kind of guy that gets excited about the idea of a full-body, super orgasm, or multiple male orgasms, and you want the best possible tool to make it happen, you’re in the right place.

What Are Prostate Massagers?

Let’s start with a quick biology lesson. To understand prostate massagers, you need to understand exactly what the prostate does first.

Your prostate is a small gland located somewhere between your penis and your bladder, in front of the rectum. It’s responsible for making some of the fluid in your sperm and thus plays a big part in male ejaculation. As you can probably guess, it’s also a very sensitive pleasure zone for guys.

It’s sometimes referred to as the P-spot or male G-spot and, when stimulated, can lead to incredibly intense orgasms. Unlike penile orgasms, prostate orgasms are internal and felt through the whole body. Because they’re so powerful, they’re sometimes referred to as ‘Super Orgasms’.

Sounds good, right? So, how do you make the magic happen?


Simple, you stimulate the prostate—either internally or externally—and that’s where prostate massagers come in.

Prostate massagers like those made by Aneros apply pressure to your anterior rectal wall (inside your butt) and/or the perineum (the bit between your anus and your testicles; you might know it as the ‘taint’) in order to stimulate your prostate.

There are tons of different types of prostate massagers out there that differ in shape, size, and design, but they all do pretty much the same thing.

What Is Aneros?

Aneros is the brand behind some of the most popular and well-known prostate massagers and arousal amplification devices on the market. They’re a leading name in the industry, but what makes them so special? Why is Aneros the anal-boss?

Well, part of it has to do with their history. Aneros pretty much created the whole market for prostate stimulators way back in the ’90s. That’s when they first started making massagers for medical purposes. Back then, these massagers were produced and distributed mainly for their health benefits and medical uses, rather than pure pleasure.

Around 2003, they rebranded as a sex toy brand but continued to use their profound knowledge of male anatomy and medical research to create the best possible prostate stimulators.

Every product Aneros makes is carefully designed and draws on their decades of research. The end result is some of the most effective, safe, and pleasurable prostate stimulators you can get.

The Anatomy of an Aneros Prostate Massager

Aneros prostate massagers are typically quite small, around 4 inches or less. They’re designed to slip easily into your anus without pain, and the shape and curves are designed to work with your body’s natural movements.

There are three parts to most Aneros massagers: the tip, the Perineum arm (P-tab), and the Kundalini arm (K-tab).

The tip is the part that goes inside you and is there to massage your prostate directly.

The P-tab sits on the outside and curves upward to apply pressure to your perineum (taint) externally.

The K-tab isn’t on every product, but when it is, it’s supposed to extend upwards on the outside to sit between your buttocks. The curve allows it to apply pressure to a pleasure point between your butt cheeks known as the ‘Kundalini spot.’

Some massagers are motorized, like the Aneros Vice 2, but the majority of them aren’t. Motorized massagers vibrate for added stimulation, but this isn’t really necessary, as the pleasure comes from the way the prostate massager encourages your body to use certain muscles. We’ll talk more about how this works next.

How They Work

Now that we know what prostate massagers are, let’s look at how they work.

Prostate orgasms aren’t like traditional orgasms.

For starters, they usually take significantly longer to achieve — around 30 minutes or more for complete beginners. There’s also more of a psychological — and, dare I say, almost spiritual — element to achieving a prostate orgasm. It requires more mental focus and relies partly on muscle control as well as direct stimulation.

Aneros aren’t required for a prostate orgasm, but they can help you to achieve it. One way they do this is by ‘activating’ two important sets of muscles: your Kegel muscles and your sphincter muscles. Sphincter muscles are the ones you use when you clench your butthole together, and your Kegel muscles are used to stop yourself peeing mid-stream.

When you put the prostate massager inside you, the idea is to very slowly contract and relax these muscle sets, with each contraction and release lasting around 2 minutes or so, in order to tire them out. When the muscles become exhausted, they start trembling, which is what makes the magic happen.

The trembling muscles clamp down onto the prostate massager as if trying to pull it inside you, but don’t worry; the arms will stop that from happening. The toy will then start doing sweet, sweet things inside your body that’ll make your toes curl. Just relax, breathe, ride the wave, and enjoy it.

As I mentioned, there’s a psychological element to all this too. To achieve a super-O using an Aneros, many users talk about arousal amplification,” a type of mental focus that has you pick out, isolate, and ‘amplify’ the subtle stimulation the toy provides until it explodes into a full-body super orgasm.

Those are the basics. We’ll talk more about specific techniques later on in this guide.

Best Aneros Prostate Massagers

So, now you know more about how prostate massagers work, let’s take a closer look at some of the best Aneros prostate massagers available.

1. MGX Syn Trident

The MGX Syn Trident is the first silicone Aneros MGX prostate massager in the range. It’s suitable for beginners as it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and perfectly shaped for easy insertion. The silicone design gives a gentle yet pleasurable sensation, and the ribbed stem allows for a more stimulating experience. If you’re new to anal stimulation, this silicone massager is a good option, particularly if you’re not keen on the idea of hard plastic toys.

The external tabs and arms of this massager have also been modified to make them more comfortable and more stimulating. The product has an insertable length of 3.7 inches, which is more than generous enough for a beginner. Pricewise, The MGX Syn trident isn’t the cheapest massager available, but it certainly offers good quality for the price.

2. Helix Trident

The Helix Trident is one of the company’s only helix-shaped massagers that’s suitable for beginners. The helix-shaped design of the Helix Trident means that the massager’s head is aggressively angled, which gives a more full and stimulating experience when using it.

The Helix Trident also has multi-axial motion architecture or MAMA, which allows users to move the massager laterally as well as in and out or up or down. This makes it perfect for self-stimulation or couples play. This massager is a little on the shorter side with an insertable length of 3.32 inches, but the intricate and angled design ensures that it reaches the prostate gland easily.

Like most Aneros massagers, the Helix Trident also has Perineum and Kundalini tabs for extra external pleasure, as well as newly designed arms for ease of motion. This product is perfect for beginners looking for an intricate design to provide more stimulation, both internally and externally.

3. The Progasm

The Progasm is the largest anal massager currently offered by Aneros, and perfect for anyone looking for a more substantial toy. The Progasm is big in all ways, not just length. It has a girth of around 1.25 inches, and even the external tabs are larger than usual. One thing’s for sure if you choose the Progasm. You’re going to need to lube up, and maybe even use a smaller toy beforehand.

However, if you like them big, then this toy is sure to offer everything you want. It’s made from hard plastic to make it easy to clean and pleasurable to use.

If you’re interested in the design of the Progasm, but you’re a little intimidated by the size, then you can also purchase the Progasm Jr., which is similar in shape and size but more suitable for people who don’t have a lot of experience. Aneros do categorize both toys as intermediate, though, so make sure you’re prepared for a full experience.

4. Vice 2

The VICE 2 is a sophisticated remote-controlled anal massager that is perfect for anyone looking for an extra buzz. Although there are a few other vibrating anal massagers on the market, the Aneros Vice 2 is one of the most popular models available.

The VICE 2 comes with a small remote control that allows you to access 18 different vibration patterns and 4 speeds. It also has a Joy Button, which, when pressed, provides an extra jolt of vibration just at the right time. The vibration system works on a dual-motor design, meaning that the vibrations resonate from both the tip and the stem of the massager.

In terms of design, length, and girth, the Vice 2 is fairly standard, but it’s its vibrating abilities that make it something special. However, technology like that doesn’t come cheap, and the price of the VICE 2 is almost double that of the none vibrating anal massagers offered by Aneros.

5. The Eupho Syn Trident

The Eupho Syn Trident is an anal massager for the more experienced user. Compared to the other massagers on this list, this massager has a much longer insertable length, so safety precautions should be taken to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

This massager is made with ‘velvet touch’ silicone that gives it a smooth and seductive finish. Like all Aneros models, the model also has specially designed arms to give you pleasure both internally and externally.

The design of the Eupho Syn Trident is slender; however, the head of the massager is specially adapted to offer precise stimulation. If you’re keen to use the Eupho Syn Trident, but you’re not an experienced solo user, the company advises that you use it with a partner for a more enjoyable and safe experience.

6. The Eupho Trident

The Eupho Trident is similar in design to the Eupho Syn Trident, but it is slightly cheaper. It’s perfectly designed for someone who is looking for a fuller sensation without too much length. The Eupho Trident is one of the smaller massagers in the range, but its sculpted and angled body provides a uniquely pleasurable experience.

The products are made from smooth white plastic, making it easy to clean and insert. However, this massager falls into the advanced category, so be sure to share this experience with a partner unless you are experienced, solo users. Like most of the Aneros models, this massager also comes complete with external stimulating Perineum and Kundalini tabs to complete your enjoyment.

8. The Maximus Trident

If you’re an experienced user that is looking for a feeling of more size and fullness in the anal cavity during prostate stimulation, then the Maximus Trident is the massager for you. The stem of the massager is designed to offer more girth, whilst still having the signature Aneros angled head for targeted prostate stimulation.

Aneros categorizes this massager as intermediate, so it’s great for users with some experience with smaller, more simply designed massagers. This massager is fairly priced, so if you’re looking to upgrade to something more exciting, then this could be the perfect product.

9. Peridise 2 pack

If you’re looking for an easy to use anal massager to add a new element to couples play, the Peridise 2 pack could be right for you. These are extremely simple to use massagers that are perfect for enhancing a couple’s experience. The set of two is fairly cheap; however, the design is somewhat limited too.

Although the Peridise is easy to insert, some skill is required to hold the massagers in place for full stimulation, which is why they’re better suited for getting you in the mood. The Peridise is small and narrow, so if you’re completely new to anal play, then these can be a good starting point to help you decide if you’re into it. But remember, always use lube to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time.

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Best Aneros Sex Toys

While best known for their prostate massagers, Aneros also sell lots of other types of sex toys and intimate products too, such as:

  • Female sex toys
  • Male sex toys
  • Masturbators
  • Couples toys
  • Lubricants
  • Accessories
  • And more

I’ve picked out some of my favorite non-prostate-massager Aneros toys and reviewed each of them below.

1. Tenga Ultra Size Original Vacuum Cup

If anal stuff isn’t your thing, but you’re still keen to buy from a reputable brand like Aneros, then the Tenga Ultra Size Vacuum Cup is a great choice. This vacuum cup adds new levels to your self-pleasure experience by providing some extra suction. You can control the strength and the pressure of the vacuum by covering and uncovering the hole on the top of the cup.

The cup is ‘ultra sized,’ meaning it is suitable for most men and allows for deep penetration and stronger vacuuming power. This masturbator is also very reasonably priced, and you can get your hands on one for less than $20.

2. Fleshlight

Aneros also stock the ever-popular official Fleshlight masturbator. Designed to help you avoid any awkward situations, the Fleshlight resembles a regular garden torch, but it’s so much more than that.

The original masturbator comes with 4 interchangeable inner sleeves; Stealth, Butt, Lady, and Mouth. So, you can tailor your fleshlight perfectly to your own desires. It also has a suction regulation cup so you can set it to your exacting standards.

The Fleshlight is a hard-wearing masturbator that’s gained a great reputation in the sex toy industry. It’s super easy to use, very easy to clean and store, and when coupled with lube, it can bring an extra level of enjoyment to your masturbation.

3. Aneros Marksman Lubricant Shooters

Aneros also supply a variety of lubricants, but one of their most popular products is the Marksman lubricant shooter. These small tubes of lube are perfect for anal use.

The design of the tubes makes it easy to shoot the lube into the anal cavity to ensure that all areas are coated. Using the Marksman shooters in combination with a prostate massager can help to ensure that full insertion is comfortable and stimulating.

4. Aneros Sessions Lubricant

Aneros also supplies its own line of lubricant that is perfect for use with Anal massagers. The Sessions Lubricant comes in generously sized bottles that are perfect for getting the all-over coverage needed for anal play.

Aneros Sessions lubricant is water-based, water-soluble, glycerin-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic, and non-staining. It’s suitable for use with all materials, including silicone, and doesn’t leave a sticky or tacky feeling. Overall, it’s a great lubricant to have on hand, whatever you have planned.

Prostate Massage Techniques

The goal of using an Aneros prostate massager is to stimulate your prostate and achieve a full-body orgasm. There are several different techniques you can use to achieve the desired effects, some more advanced than others, and everyone has their own different variations.

The key is finding a technique that works for you. I won’t explain all of them here, but I will give you a quick overview of some of my favorites.

Try Not to Orgasm Method

This method is designed for people who are hoping to use their prostate massager to achieve MMO (multiple male orgasms).

It’s a similar technique to ‘edging’ in regular masturbation, in which you get right to the edge of orgasm and then stop to prolong the pleasure.

Once you get to the point where you’re really starting to feel the pleasure, try to control it and stop it going any further. This might make the pleasure even more powerful. If so, again, try to keep it there.

Trying not to orgasm and keep yourself on the cusp in this way can actually lead to an incredibly powerful chain of orgasms.

It’s great because, perhaps counter-intuitive, straining for orgasm can actually be a barrier to pleasure when you’re using a prostate massager. MMOs have to arrive naturally.

Do Nothing Method

The ‘do nothing’ method is exactly what you think it is. You put the prostate massager inside you, and do nothing at all. No conscious contractions and relaxing, no controlled breathing, nothing. You just wait patiently and let the massager do what it’s meant to do.

The beauty of this method is how easy it is. It’s not intimidating at all and is great for beginners and lazy guys. However, personally, I don’t think it works all that well. It takes a lot of users a lot longer to achieve a P-orgasm this way, and that’s if they achieve it at all.

This method works best if you’ve already started feeling some pleasure from the prostate massager, so I’d recommend combining it with another technique.

Tug-of-war Method

The tug-of-war technique is a shortcut to a super-O. It’s quick, it’s dirty, and it relies a lot more on muscle control. The aim is to create a muscular imbalance that sets off a kind of chain reaction and ultimately leads to a P-orgasm.

Start by learning how to control those two vital muscles: your PC muscles and sphincter muscles.

Try contracting them one at a time, alternating between them. Once you’ve mastered that, see if you can contract them both at the same time. Finally, try to contract them in a rolling motion, where the contraction of your sphincter rolls gradually into a contraction of your Kegel muscles.

Once you can do that, you can try this technique. Lube up, pop the prostate massager in there, and wait for around 10 minutes or so. After that, lie on your back with your knees bent, and your lower back propped up, then start with some light sphincter contractions. When you feel ready, move on to a simultaneous contraction of both your sphincter and PC muscles, but don’t contract them all the way. Aim for around 75% of the full contraction. And hold it there for around 30 seconds before slowly releasing.

The imbalance between the two muscle forces will hopefully cause the muscles to try to hold on and trigger a kind of tug-of-war between the two. Don’t try and control this, back off and hold it there. After a while, these muscles end up fatigued and tremble. These trembles are known as ‘involuntaries’, and they lead to some really pleasant sensations. These sensations will hopefully, with some focus, build into an incredible Super-O.

Your sphincter might also start to spasm and pull the massager in, then release it when the spasms subside. When the latter happens, it slides down, and this can trigger a second orgasm.


The slingshot is another advanced method that aims to trigger the ‘involuntaries’ (trembles) that lead to a Super-O. It combines two interesting techniques together.

The first is the technique of spreading your asscheeks with the prostate massager inside you to cause it to slide in and out, which triggers the muscles in your anus to try to hold onto it and leads to those elusive involuntaries. The second is controlling your breathing and muscular tension in order to build up your sexual energy.

It’s fairly complicated, so I won’t outline the exact process here. However, if you’re interested in learning more, you can find a guide to the slingshot technique here.

How To Use an Aneros Prostate Massager

As I said, there is no one-size-fits-all way to use a prostate massager. The idea is to find your own personal technique that works for you. However, it helps to have a little guidance along the way.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a step by step guide on how to use an Aneros prostate massager. You can follow the guide below when you’re first starting out, but don’t be afraid to mix it up if you find something that works better.

Step 1: Get Clean

When you’re doing butt stuff, hygiene is important. That’s why step number 1 is to take a shower and make sure you’re all clean down there. If possible, try and defecate a few hours before you use it too.

Step 2: Get Horny

Achieving the right mental state is important for prostate orgasms. You need to be turned on for this to work effectively, so do whatever you need to do to get horny. Watch some porn, play around with your partner, or whatever else floats your boat.

Step 3: Lube Up

I don’t need to tell you how important lube is when you’re putting anything in your anus, so grab some lube and tease it in there. Use this as an opportunity to use your fingers to loosen things up. You can never have too much lube, so throw some on your toy as well.

Step 4: Insert the Prostate Massager

Now we’re getting started. Insert the prostate massager so that it curves upwards towards your stomach (this is where your prostate is). The p-tab should be resting on your perineum (taint), and the k-tab (if it has one) should sit between your buttcheeks, near your tailbone. Lie down on your back with your knees bent, and your butt raised up with a pillow.

Step 5: Relax

Take some time to let your body get used to having the prostate massager inside and relax. Maintain your arousal by watching some porn or using your imagination. Focus on your breathing and try to resist any urge to ‘fight’ against the toy and relax the muscles down there.

Step 6: Do Nothing

After a while, you might start feeling some pleasurable sensations. When that happens, follow the ‘Do Nothing’ technique and relax. Focus on those pleasurable sensations and try to amplify them.

Step 7: Tug-of-war Technique

Move on to the ‘Tug-of-war’ method after around 35 minutes. Start very slowly contracting and relaxing those muscles together, making sure that each repetition of this lasts 1-2 minutes or more.

Step 8: Enjoy the P-Waves and Let them Build

You should eventually start to feel waves of pleasure that build up and get increasingly powerful. Don’t fight this, try to enjoy it and let your body do whatever comes naturally.

Step 9: The Finish

When you’re right on the cusp, follow the ‘Try Not to Orgasm’ technique, and try to keep yourself there. Keep yourself aroused as this will help to bring you to a full-body super orgasm. Eventually, you’ll tip over the edge and have an incredibly powerful orgasm. Enjoy the ride, and let the sensations wash over you.

Wrap Up

As you can see, Aneros prostate massagers are pretty magical. They can give you the best, most powerful orgasm of your life. If you’ve never had a full-body orgasm before, you’ll be blown away.

Prostate orgasms are something that every guy — gay or straight — deserves to experience at least once. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself one and try it out.

Good luck, and have fun!